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I wish I could say I'm surprised to hear this, but I'm not surprised at all. The CIA back when the Iranians were holding our embassy personnel hostages back before Reagan was President and the Iran-Contra affair came to light, along with Manuel Noriega who was smuggling vast amounts of cocaine which was later on all  the rage when crack cocaine came about. The CIA is always smuggling something to fund it's "black ops". Before that, back in the days of the Viet Nam War was going on the CIA was smuggling Heroin into the USA from Lao's, Cambodia, and Burma as it was called back in those days. The golden Triangle as it was called. The Bush family head, George Herbert Walker Bush was then at one time the head of the CIA as I recall at one point in time....Funny how that is forgotten nowadays. Save for I remember all of this and more. The biggest bunch of "dirty work" in D.C. has always involved the CIA, and before that it was the OAS wasn't it? Sure it was, back when the Iranian'a were ruled by the Fascist regime run by the Shah of Iran who we put in power for our thirst Oil was insatiable and our lust for total global dominance for the support of the Petrodollar was the only way to buy oil from OPEC countries. None of this shocks me in any way. Since when did we ever hold the thugs at the CIA accountable and then never face any big time penalties, like cut off their funding, after all they don't need our tax dollars any more, for the agency is making all this money by selling weapons to what later on turn into our enemies, why fund a Government agency that can fund it's self all without our contributions in the first place? I very well might have a few bits about the time line wrong, but I am not wrong about the dirty work that agency has been doing long before it even existed. Isn't it nice to know we're not paying for all of these crimes committed in our name to fund our Governments illegal activities? And what makes this one interesting is we are now allowing funding, all quite illegally without Congressional oversight allegedly since the CIA can fund it's self, who needs Congressional approval for any thing any more? We historically as a nation just look the other way, this matter of the CIA funding Muslim terrorists is just another transgression against us and all done under the cover of darkness, it's business as usual all over again. And it will never stop.  

As a matter of fact, George Herbert Walker Bush was CIA DIRECTOR when "Operation Watchtower" was ongoing with CIA smuggling cocaine out of South American into the U.S. via General Manuel Noriega of Panama. Once H.W. Bush was elected President--he went after and arrested Noriega on "drug trafficking" charges and Noriega's NOT to be seen or heard from again. Instead of being held HERE in the U.S. where he would have access to lawyers and our judicial system, he's been shipped off to France now where he's languishing in prison. Bush was funding Contras rebels in El Salvador in efforts to overthrow the Salvadoran government, using proceeds from that cocaine smuggling into the U.S.

THAT is the definition of TREASON under our U.S. Constitution, regardless of the reason for the funds being spent in the first place. Nobody will believe the CIA had no idea or were totally ignorant of so-called "slush funds" falling into Al Qaeda hands.

Glad to have someone else to straighten out the time line I was only semi accurate on, but it was a good start to bring up some one else's recall of that additional information. People need to know about this crap, because it's still going on because of the semi politically lazy American attitude of looking the other way, just like the Germans did before the real rise of the Nazi's showed their real intent. The Germans were promised a fundamental change in their country, and we should take a lesson from that.. Real Americans should start standing up for what we know is right, and not that which a flash in the pan two term President can stand for as right.

Thanks for the "LIKE" Linda--I have NO idea how to even put a "like" on my site--I'm lucky to be able to post being a novice on the 'net.

Yeah 5War, I hear you on that one, but when the financial elite have the Federal Reserve on their side, which in fact has nothing in reserve, then the sky is the limit for funding the next major war, if we're lucky it will be a financial war, so they can wipe each other out without destroying the planet altogether. But the Banksters of this world never play to loose, so they will win again.

It's only a matter of time of which phony paper fiat monetary unit of trade will survive, if any of these faked up unit's of trade even make it. But the Rothchilds have been at this game now for a long time now, and they know all the rules in this game, and that's because it's their game and their rules.. guess who looses? It isn't going to be the Rothchilds of this world, no siree...! They know how to fool the sheepeople into blissful ignorance of what's going on behind the green doors of the Federal Reserve.


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