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Living in the Noise!

Humans have existed for only about 250,000 years in our current upright configuration, not discounting the existence of Neanderthal Man going back as much as 2.5 million years. This pales however, in comparison to the age of Planet Earth as a whole, approximately 4.5 Billion years. This translates to just about nothing in terms of percentage of time on Earth. We have existed for only a blink of an eye in Earth Time. The climate has been here the whole time, with a record of WILD fluctuations in temperament; from complete Ice Ball to raging ball of fire and absolutely NO LIFE!


If one were to examine this planet's climate accurately through the geological record, one would find that the ball of dust we're squatting on has had a variety of climates throughout its existence, that in general, since the Cretaceous, have been steadily declining in average temperature, to the point where we currently find ourselves smack in the middle of a very serious ICE AGE!.

This decline however, just like a graph of your average stock market fluctuations, has its small but measurable fluctuations, up and down. These ups and downs form a pattern in the geological record, that can be tracked and hence, provide information as to what is likely to happen in the future.

These small fluctuations are known as "The Noise", because they are so small, short and insignificant in time scale, compared to the age of Earth. Mankind's entire existence on The Blue Planet can be found in that "noise". We humans were born in, and have lived our entire existence on Planet Earth in, "The Noise".

All that means is that to actually predict the future climate even remotely accurately, one would have to look beyond "the noise", (don't forget that the entire existence of mankind is in "the noise").

Climate "scientists" want to look only at "the noise" - the last few hundred years or so. That shows that they really don't want to know or teach the truth. Our entire time on Earth isn't even enough time to judge what the climate will do. If you look at the geological record, you will find that there is ABSOLUTE AND EMPIRICAL PROOF that we are embroiled tightly in the earthly grip of an ongoing and unstoppable Ice Age, that shows NO SIGNS OF SLOWING DOWN! 

So EAT THAT, Climate Changers!

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Well said Morton IX,

Maybe someday real science and real education will come back to our culture, we'll have more people like you around!

Thanks for the confidence Craig,

But I'm just trying to help restore our Constitutional Militia supported Representative Republic. The way it was supposed to be.

I recommend that everyone read The Neglected Sun: Why the Sun Precludes Climate Catastrophe.  This book, written by a German and an Austrian scientist, combines the best research on climate change through about 2014 and presents a truthful, compelling argument (actually, a series of them) as to how and why the United Nations' IPCC organization has misled the people of this world for years. 

The science is sound.  The sun, it turns out, is responsible for at least 50% of global cooling and warming, a fact the IPCC refuses to acknowledge.  What's especially important about that is that the sun went into a "cool" phase at the turn of the millennium.  That is to say, Global Warming stopped twenty years ago.   What's more, it will remain in a cool phase for several decades, during which the effects of CO2 on the planet in terms of warming will be offset by the sun's activity (or the lack thereof).  The end result will be that global warming will remain within an acceptable range (less than 2.2 degrees C) while we create the technology to address our future needs while reducing our carbon footprint.

At the same time, this lag will give us the opportunity to get the science complete, and hopefully de-politicize this overblown issue.  After all, some of the folks in charge of the global warming propaganda machine were crying about global cooling back in the '70s.  When these Progressives are forced to trumpet the same false claims again and again in the face of mountains of good evidence, we need to awaken people to the truth.  When they (the Progressives) feel compelled to use children and public schools to advance their agenda, we all ought to sit up and take notice.

Progressives claim there is no truth.  They are trying desperately to re-write biology and create an infinite number of genders. They claim that their science is right, and they will defend to the death their right to force it upon us.

The progressives kicked God out of our civilization, and have begun to persecute those who still exercise faith in Him.  They are wrong, and always have been - but the ball is in their court and they have been winning since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.

Will we stand up for what is right and true - or continue to allow ourselves to be steamrolled by the Progressive juggernaut?

Charles Kraut

Almost Charles,

Your brief and semi accurate synopsis is mired in the noise I spoke of. You can't ignore the facts; we've been steadily cooling since the Cretaceous period. Other fact; there are short term fluctuations up and down, lost within the noise of that steady decline.

Just like when you look at a graph of the Stock Market over 100 years as opposed to looking at one week. It has steadily risen over the last 100 years, but has experienced many ups and downs along the way when viewed over only short periods of time, like a week or even a month.

Man's time on Earth has not been sufficient to describe, encompass or define any kind of "Climate Change" or what is "normal", thank you very much!

The record written by man is insufficient evidence of ANYTHING!

I'm concerned that the important point is being lost here.   I personally am not all that concerned about the next Ice Age, which will indeed be ushered in some time in the next 10,000 years.  The global warming/climate change scare is all about what will happen tomorrow.  The IPCC has set up the straw man, and their useless and false rhetoric drives the propaganda mills and the fear campaign.  The IPCC says we will greatly exceed 2.2 degrees C. of warming by (name your own date - it's always a moving target at the IPCC).  The Neglected Sun says no,we won't.

That's it.  That's the heart of what we need to know. Who is right?  The professional liars whose lavish salaries we pay? Or the reputable scientists who have found the errors and pointed them out for all the world to see?

If the IPCC is correct, we will see a small percentage of the terrible things they predict come to pass; keeping in mind, of course, that in every respect more CO2 is beneficial, and not detrimental to weather, crop yields, and human health and happiness.  In other words, we will not see more storms, more severe storms, more devastating forest fires and more severe forest fires (we must always distinguish weather from climate), more hurricanes and more severe hurricanes, and so on. We will see global sea levels rise (see my article on All the Ice in Greenland as an example.)

The Neglected Sun addresses all these issues. These issues must be laid to rest and the Progressive agenda defeated.  Otherwise, we will be taxed to death to line the pockets of Al Gore and his ilk, and for what?  To "solve" a problem that was never properly defined and which was in fact, deliberately misrepresented to bring about political action resulting in vastly greater control over the economies and the people of this world. 

In other words, our tax burdens will multiply to widen the gap between the 1% and the 99%.  That gap is already at its widest point in history.  How many billions does a person need to be comfortable?

Forget about the next million years of cooling.  Most of us will not be around to see it.  We have to deal with the issues we face today.  We are up against an existential crisis here, one neatly manufactured to suit the Left's purposes.

The Progressives have never lost a battle.  It's easy to see why.  They know precisely what they want and how to get it.  They are superbly organized and extremely well funded.  They "know" that there is no God, and no truth, which frees them to employ the philosophy "The end justifies the means."

If we disagree among ourselves because we are like the three blind men and the elephant, we will continue to lose against them.

Please, let us all become better informed and unified in our defense of freedom.  I have published a Constitutionist Recommended Reading List containing some 76 books, many of which I believe are essential to a proper understanding of the Constitution and how we may defend it.  Precious few people I talk to have read any of them.

Uninformed opinions are dangerous and divisive.  We all need the best information available if we are to succeed.  Even if we are well-informed, however, if we continue to be unorganized and lack effective leadership we will continue to come up short - and lose our constitutional republic.

Good explanation of the situation Charles,

But if I may respond, one thing at a time.

  1. Your jealousy and envy, two of the deadly sins, are showing when you ask; "How many billions does a person need...?" - It's not up to you or anyone else to decide. That person could be a complete philanthropist, doing great and wonderful things with that money, we don't know.
  2. As far as the next million years? NONE of us will be around to see it, but our posterity will, and that's what I worry about.
  3. The neatly manufactured crisis by the Progressives on the left, as you describe it, and their tactics aren't as mysterious or complicated as one might guess. - Simply pick up a copy of their playbook. I'm sure you can find it just about anywhere, but start with Amazon and search for Saul Alinski - Rules for Radicals and you will finally understand where ALL of the moves they make come from. Armed with that information, I believe they CAN be defeated.
  4. You are absolutely correct about the "divide and conquer" tactics as well.
  5. I love your dedication to the truth about understanding the Constitution.
  6. How about turning some of those informational references into links to the informational sources, for instance; the reading list, The Neglected Sun, All the Ice in Greenland, a link to the IPCC data or website, etc.

All of the items I mentioned are already available on this website.  As for the IPCC, go to  But there are thousands of websites touting the same incorrect, out-of date information - including NASA. 

NASA recently submitted another article to the media that was ten years out of date and ignored all the research NASA has done in the meantime.  

The IPCC famously lobbied against NASA's launch of a satellite that would help disprove IPCC's global warming theories.  The Neglected Sun explains that such a satellite was launched later on, and did exactly that.


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