Cognitive Dissonance: is the mental stress (discomfort) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values when performing an action that contradicts those beliefs, ideas and values; or when confronted with new information that contradicts existing beliefs, ideas, and values. 

We have all suffered from cognitive dissonance at one time or another in our lives. Some had earlier experiences like when you discovered for the first time that Santa or the Tooth fairy wasn’t real. Others had problems in school trying to understand two opposing ideas and opinions that seemed to contradict each other like many who experienced in college.

We are at another crossroads where many are waking up to the truth that we were lied to by our parents, educators, ministers and even figures of authority.

Truth and real information can be a hard pill to swallow. What we thought we knew and learned in school has been turned on its head. The truth about our founding documents, the missing 13th Amendment, Lincoln and his Marxist beliefs, the truth about the Civil War, how WWII really began and why, what our congressmen and Supreme Court have really been doing behind our backs. Admittedly it is a lot to take in. Paradigm shifting for many who can step back and reeducate themselves but cognitive dissonance for those who have trouble trying to understand the truth and how it clashes with their beliefs, ideas and values that they have held true to most of their lives. 

America Again! is trying to break through that dissonance and expose the truth of what we thought we knew and many cannot accept the information presented. But it is so important that we try to break through that barrier of resistance and understand the bigger picture.

The information that America Again! and our social sites provide is vetted out for validity and presented to our members in a way that can be easily understood and assimilate. We do not post propaganda, political views, and try not to provide misinformation.

Many members may have trouble assimilating the information provided and it can cause many people to feel disconnected because of truths provided here.

But for Americans to Wake Up, the truth must be told and the American public deserves to know the truth!

Join America Again!, become a dues paying member, please, and learn more of the truth of the founding of our country, the Presidents and bankers that changed the future of our country, how we came to be where we are and what we can do about it!

America Again! is a full spectrum solution to putting our country back on the right track for WE The People to take back control of our government and our elected servants. By Ratifying the 28th Amendment, (smaller districts), and Bringing Congress Home to work in their districts we will have more access to our elected servants and our voices will be heard. This can be done and we hope to implement this in record time with your help and support.

Please don’t be upset, intimidated or even run away from the information we have provided. The dissonance you’re experiencing could be a new awakening for you!

Thank you,


 ‘Some days the world just changes’- David M. Zuniga

Me, talking to people In my county..

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When an individual is presented with new evidence that contradicts long held belief tit is necessary to evaluate the new information to determine which position is correct. It is much less painful to reject the ne evidence than to accept the new reality. Typically, many people with closed minds would rather remain in the dark than admit that they were wrong. When one's  long held beliefs are question only those with an open minds can discover the truth.

We believe what we believe because of the things we have been taught in school, Teaching us to be obedient and not to  question what we are taught makes us much easier to control.


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