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The Facts Remain

Comments from Joe

The fact that the words of Jesus ring true is the fact that drove people to defend the innocent against the criminals who called themselves The British. That happened in an organic way, as the working federation began to work as intended between 1776 and 1787.

The facts remain that the grand jury has never been a common law concept as its nature has been statutory.

Here is an explanation of the stark difference between a jury for the people and a false court:

It is a long read and it has to do with a false court case involving a judge in Massachusetts who offered a story at the end of that paper. The story has to do with a formation of an organic jury, which would be the type of jury that works for the people, not the special interests, but for the people as a whole, all the people, everyone, excluding no one, not even the criminals.

So that offers some history as to why juries are formed. The idea of them, and the use of them, and it is a good start as to what the subject matter is in fact.

There are two very opposite sides in this struggle. Those who work to defend the innocent from the guilty are on one side, and those who work to defend the power criminals command as they destroy the innocent are on the other side.

It is that simple.

A Grand Jury according to the Bill of Rights can be understood in that light, for those on one side. Those on the other side will dismiss any notions of people defending the innocent as if that work can only be done by special people who just so happen to be devil worshipping criminals hiding behind false fronts, or color of law, as they perpetrate crimes including the crime of taking over governments, which can also be known as treason.

The wording is simple enough, despite the fact that James Madison wrote the words instead of George Mason writing the words, but that can be understood in context. James Madison was a false Federalist and George Mason was on the side of the people.

Despite James Madison having too much rat smelly stuff oozing out of his evil soul the words are still written in plain English:

The words may take some time to sink in, so repeating the words works to convey the accurate meaning.

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,

A Grand Jury presupposed that there are criminals infesting government for a place where the people are the government needs only trail by jury as anyone can accuse anyone of any crime and a trial by jury is then afforded to both the accuser and the accused when the people are the government.

The false accusers pay the costs of their false accusations, and that is a very good governing principle that deters false accusations.

Who says so?

The jury.


In each case.

The Grand Jury presupposes that criminals infest government and government becomes organized crime and a Grand Jury is there to avoid this:

If the people have to take up arms to regain their government, then that proves that trial by jury has been set aside, and there was no Grand Jury to afford to the people a means by which the criminals who took over government are offered a way to redeem themselves when they are caught with the hands in the cookie jar, or caught raping lady Liberty.

The people say, hey, you can't punish that member of the people, you don't have a Grand Jury presentment, and they mean, you can't punish anyone, including anyone in government.


That is how people defend the innocent from other people in or out of government without having to resort to falsehood and violence.

If someone wants to know what I think about God, or spiritualism, or religion, then they can ask. I can offer that I think everyone will pay for their mistakes in spades. Those who make the same mistakes over and over again will be those who pay more and more eventually, and that may or may not have anything to do with any other people.


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