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I like it Bob. Let's continue this line of patriotism. I suggest we ask everyone to make copies of this most recent Declaration and also the original. To have the best emotional effect, we should ask every American to sign their name at the bottom, just as our founder signed. Everyone talks like they love America, but now comes their opportunity to make history and place THEIR John Hancock on the next chapter of history.

Is it a Declaration or a petition? I don't know. But a few million signatures on a Declaration of Independence has to be more powerful than clicking on


I'll explain a way to write to them; and it DOES WORK.  I learned this when I was the Administrative Asst. to the Director of Planning and Development for the City of Dallas.  I opened his mail for him and this ticked off citizens did  his; and he read it because I didn't toss in in the trash for being too long--rambling on and on; and the handwriting was impossible to read.

PRINT:  "4" statements on the back of an envelope (leave out all adjectives. Adjectives cause us to use feeling words...and we would tend to cause us to ramble..

On the inside, PRINT (or type) and elaborate on the "4" points you made ont he back of the envelope.  AGAIN,  do NOT hand-write....Print or type only.  AGAIN, leave out adjectives.  Keep your points factual.

They will read it!

Good Lord!  You are right!!

I agree, DIVERSION is preferred tool of purpose for the Progressive Movement in our country. We can be distracted by the simple use of words in our media communication. For example, we are witnessing the phenomena of GLOBAL POPULATION MOVEMENT called "immigration" as opposed to "migration". IMMIGRATION in our country has the connotation of the "huddled masses yearning to be free" desiring to start a new life and assimilation in the country of hospitality. However, MIGRATING has the connotation of not nesscessarily to settling down, but, possibly whatever is sustaining. If we reference the UN, Agenda 21, interestingly a reference is made to the idea of Global "MIGRATION". More interestingly, this was written in 2007, the idea of migrating the populations of the world. At the time, it may have not been understood in the form of an real serious agenda.

 However, now, seeing global violence in the magnitude that we see, there is, if we just OBSERVE without judging, we see people being moved around and the sense of there being almost prepared quotas. It would seem natural to be asking questions and talking about this.

However, our conversation is controlled by forcing us to talk about "immigration" only. If we question, we are forced to talk only about being racist or attacking people's religion. We see people who do not want to assimilate, but, to dominate the Host Country. However, media does not allow dialogue other than chosen words to use. No real problems are discussed, no new ideas or outlook is explored. 

Look what progressives have done with the Confederate Flag that is of historical significance to our American History. We are not allowed in the "controlled media" to talk about that, only, that the Confederate Flag is racial. This was obviously orchestrated. We are having our heritage dismantled, while we are forced to be "Silence of the Lambs".

Black College Student Hangs Rebel Flag from Dorm Room


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