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In order to restore our lives, liberty and property we are going to need to focus on the reasons how and why our government has been been hijacked by an oligarchy of the financial elite,

The voice of the bankers and Wall Street Corporation is being heard loud and clear, but the voices of "We the People" remain silent.

Representatives of the states drafted the Constitution to insure that the rights of the people and the states would be secure. They recognized that the key to sound government was adequate representation of both the states and the people.

The House of Representatives was created to represent the people and the Senate was created to represent the states. Each state was entitled to one representative for every 30,000 and each state was guaranteed two senators chose by the state legislators.

Today, there is an average of over 700,000 people in each Congressional District which is over twenty times the number mandated in Article 1 Section 2 Clause 3.

Article V in the Constitution prohibits Congress from depriving a state of equal representation in the senate without their consent. With the fraudulent ratification of the

17th Amendment
36 states ratified the amendment and surrendered their right to be represented in the senate.  The 12 states that refused to ratify the amendment were forced to give up their representation in the senate without their consent.

Our government is broken because Congress represents the financial interest of the Wall Street rather than the people. In order to restore the integrity of the House and Senate we restore adequate and proper representation.

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