Since 1862 with the passage of the Legal Tender Act . Congress
began forcing the people to use counterfeit money to acquire the goods and services they wanted. President Abraham Lincoln's unconstitutional actions violated the Constitution in many ways.
According to the Constitution the only lawful money is Gold and Silver. Paper money that is backed by gold and silver is lawful money, paper dollars not backed by gold and/or silver are counterfeit currency.

Real money represents wealth while the fiat currency issued by the 
Federal Reserve
 represent debt. Federal Reserve Notes printed out of are a

fiat currency
created out of thin air and represent an obligation to pay the Federal Reserve for the use of the paper currency plus interest.

Collecting taxes from the people is how the government is able to pay the interest on the national debt. If we were using Constitutional money most of the taxes we pay would be unnecessary.

When the mafia issues and distributes counterfeit money they are committing a crime, but when the government does it is legal thanks to an act of Congress. In 1913 the counterfeiting operations were transferred from Congress to a privately held corporation known as the Federal Reserve. By using their Federal Reserve Notes we are essentially acquitting the goods and services we need by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve.

The IRS is another privately owned corporation is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve.  

The income tax
is a direct un-apportioned tax and is unconstitutional. All Congressman, Presidents and Supreme Court Justices have taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and since 1862 every one of them have violated their oath of office.

During the Civil War the Constitution was suspended and Lincoln became a military dictator. The organic Constitution written in 1787 can not protect us if don't defend it. Ultimately, it is "We the People" are the ones responsible because we have given our consent by remaining silent.

As long as we allow our Federal government to engage in criminal activity we will continue to be victims of the bankers who have collectively picking our pockets thanks to the debt based monetary system endorsed by our Congressional Representatives.

How can we restore the Constitution

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And the Banksters are richer than ever.

Amen, and amen. Anyone here familiar with They Own it All, Including You, By Means of Toxic Currency? How about Jenkins' Money: the Greatest Hoax on Earth? Some powerful material for our ideological arsenal.

Thanks Jon.

A few years ago, Texas retrieved the gold from the Federal Gov.

You may wish to review these articles showing how the destruction of our Republic commenced with having a "lawyer" as "president" in Lincoln:

Yeah, good old Woodrow Wilson handing what was left of the Republic to the banksters...

The IRS milking machine has been pouring a whole lot of our energy into the hands of the banksters for a long time. This conversion of wealth has been, and continues to be, a means for those in control to fund every type of connivance to secure their absolute control over the people.

We don't hear a lot about it but the sheep seem to be waking because the number of people who are, either challenging the tax system, or just opting out, have been on a steep rise over the last 2 decades.

You know you are striking a nerve when they keep showing arrests and prosecutions of famous personalities to instill fear in the population. Most of these episodes occur in the 6-8 weeks leading up to the April 15th deadline--just in case you forgot or decided not to file so you could challenge the system.

So, if you don't like that fear mongering collection agency, why don't you quit feeding it. It thrives on what we feed it. Their vulnerability is in their own words. A careful examination of their code shows that they only have claim to specific things and over specific entities. 

We still seem to have difficulty wrapping our minds around the concept of that fictional entity-the all caps name straw man. That is the entity they are taxing. Isn't that the entity whose all caps name is on everything including any notices sent to its address? You know, that address with the 2 letter State abbreviation and a zip code which is indicative of the fictional federal taxable zone. 

When you signed that 1st 1040 under penalty of perjury, what you created was the legal presumption that you intended to be considered the surety for THEIR straw man with a duty to file for THEIR straw man and send in a portion of the income of THEIR straw man.

I say THEIR straw man because Govco created it and therefore owns it. You get to use it even though you don't own it [called usufruct] in order to interact with their economic system. Otherwise you would be without a transmitting utility [means of obtaining the necessities of life such as job, electricity, etc] and would be relegated to living in a cave.

What they are demanding is that THEIR straw man pay them a percentage of its income for the privilege of operating in THEIR economic system. How do you overcome this? One way might be to rescind your election to be seen as the surety for THEIR straw man so you would no longer be required to file as in IRS Code 6013(g) [if you can comprehend that remedy].

Another might be to have THEIR straw man pay the one who went to work every day--you! A workman is worthy of his hire. Isn't it a necessity that the real man be paid for his expenditure of energy? I think it would be imperative to have a written agreement with THEIR straw man to pay every dime of what is left after deductible expenses to the one actually doing the work.

If you quit feeding the bull dog he will get angry and do a lot of growling, but if enough meals are missed he will grow week and start losing teeth. 

Absolutely true however; you stop feeding the bull dog he becomes ravenous and eats anything including you (as if the IRS isn't already).  The only way to starve the bull dog is to chain it up first...therein lies the challenge.

We can thank good old "Honest Abe" (gag...) for creating the IRS and starting the destruction of the Republic.  Indeed, if one reads any part of the IRS Code, you'd see how tyrannical that corporate collection arm of the corporate "government" is and they can essentially do whatever they want since the corrupt courts will help enforce their unconstitutional statutes.

In the field of litigation I work in, primarily "foreclosure defense" it has become relatively routine for the lying bankster criminal lawyers to turn "borrower" victims in to the IRS to compound the fraud perpetrated against them...I'm seeing many "audits" being performed shortly after we file lawsuits against the criminal banksters.  If you've ever experienced one (I have) you'll find out how these criminals operate by extortion and without oversight.

Speaking of foreclosure defense, most do not know that the corporate "government" is part-and-parcel to this, the largest fraud in history (foreclosures) evidenced by many "branches" belonging to the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. system ("MERS" system) including, inter alia, the IRS, Secret Service, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FBI, FDIC, FHFA, US Employees Fed. Credit Union and my favorite, CalPers whom most if not all California judges have their retirements vested in, and who last I checked had something like 40% invested in some form of mortgage bonds, etc.

Unless and until a large enough volume of us elect to pull out of their corporate "systems" of control and find enough boots on the ground (mainly sheriffs) that will honor their oaths to preserve and protect the actual Constitution, rather than the corporate "government" and its three corrupt "branches" it is a tough road at best.

The bull dog is ravenous and always has been. Its their tool to keep all but the selected from amassing any degree of opposing wealth. My insights are directed at what can be done now by the individual living man as opposed to waiting for a solution where the entire population can be freed of this pervasive scheme. The only way to bring it to the forefront is to get enough people to act individually since I see no viable plan of action to get rid of the Fed, the IRS and the current fiat currency system. I don't think this movement will ever get off the ground until a plan of action that 'chops at the roots' is employed.

I am currently involved in 2 cases regarding foreclosure of real property. My opinion as to what is actually taking place probably differs quite a bit from others. I see these foreclosures as the foreclosure of the Federal govt. assets in bankruptcy. Govco has been in BR since its inception. The banksters [Creditors over the BR federal govt.] are claiming the assets of Govco. Those assets are whatever is registered in the name of their straw man all caps letter entity that you use as a transmitting utility to operate in their commercial system.

I've been litigating as a consultant/paralegal drafting lawsuits on foreclosures since 2007.  To date, I have not seen one case in which the purported "REMIC Trust" actually exists or ever did; the actual named "Lender" existed or ever did and even if it did exist, not one case have I been involved with that the named "Lender" actually loaned a dime to anyone.  It is all smoke and mirrors and entirely fraud perpetuated by the corrupt "courts."  All terminology in the purported notes, mortgages and deeds are straw men, capitalized or quoted in order to not mean what the terms are in their normal usage to obfuscate the facts and cover up the fraud.  "Securitization" is BS...these purported "loans" were never "securitized" (another term misunderstood and misrepresented) timely or legally (as if there was a rule of law, but I digress...) and so far I have yet to see one of these REMIC "trusts" listed with the IRS on Publication 938 that lists them all if such election taken. 

If the IRS were not complicit, they could have shut down this fraud in an instant since the securities fraud involved with claiming REMIC status but never taking the election with the IRS by their own Code, results in a 100% tax liability for doing so.  If they went after even one of these phony trusts, the foreclosure machine would shut down virtually instantly but there you go...the biggest criminal enterprise in the world doing what they do best.

I agree with the individual action need however unless we get enough individuals to do so at relatively the same time, the criminals will just gobble up the individuals with their enforcers without flinching. At best the criminals pay a billions to make trillions and go on their merry way adding such to the cost of business.

The solution still eludes me but we keep fighting them one case at a time...probably the "definition of insanity" at this point since no different results seem to be forthcoming.

If I may ask, in what State(s) are you working on these cases? I have one in North Carolina and one in Florida. The Florida case has a judgment but I haven't seen an authenticated judgment as yet. I'm betting it will not have the required court seal on it. I'm also wagering that the chances that they surrendered the original note in exchange for the judgment as required by Florida commercial law won't be found in the evidence file either. They also held 3 ex-parte hearings to get the judgment in which the court was complicit.

I have seen quite a few challenges on the basis; no money was loaned; the true creditor can't be proven; there is no real party in interest; original note has not been established;  note never transferred into the trust; etc. Of course on the 'original note' issue they will usually issue an affidavit of lost, stolen or destroyed note. Question is, can they come back with that defense once judgment is granted? Then there's the other ruse where they use Ghost Writer of some other automated signature technology to fabricate a 'new original'.

At one time you could subpoena the original to be sent to a forensics expert like Electronic Frontier Foundation to have the doc examined for the hidden printer markings that tell the serial number of the printer and the date and time the document was created. It appears EFF has been compromised. The last time I conferred with them they denied that they did that although their previous website went into detail on that process.

As to the REMIC, it would appear that the REMIC would have to have and name at least 51% of the investors to constitute a RIIP with standing.

First, I am not an attorney and nothing I say is to be construed as legal advice.  If you seek legal counsel find a competent attorney licensed in your jurisdiction (I further digress from the whole "licensed attorney" thing and BAR mafia...but none-the-less, provide such disclaimer).

I work exclusively on California cases primarily with one S. Calif. attorney.

Some of the best "attorneys" in this field, such as they are, are located in Florida and have had mixed results there being a "judicial-foreclosure" "state"; with the Rocket Docket and a plethora of corrupt judges.

Neither have I seen an "original" note produced in any case thus far.  We do have one case that a forensic document examiner showed it with supporting affidavit, to be forged and counterfeit...didn't matter to the "judge" who ruled in the banksters' lying lawyers' favor on MSJ ... case is up on appeal as you can imagine.

None of these frauds seem to matter to the "judges."  Somehow you got the "money" you have to pay someone back, no matter who it might be...that's as far as their "intelligence" goes.

So far, I have never seen a "note" properly and legally transferred by indorsement (proper term, notes are not "assigned") into any purported "trust" REMIC or otherwise.  They routinely "destroy" the notes but do so on purpose just for these reasons then fabricate whatever documents are needed to win in court.  There are at least two companies that advertise for fabricating such documents and a number of repositories in the US that were incinerating notes as a routine practice.  What we've seen so far is most the fabricated "signatures" on proffered "original" notes, mortgages and deeds were essentially by Photoshop and can be proven as such.  I've also seen in a number of particularly Florida cases where the stupid-ass judge claims the purported "note" is original having no qualifications to make such a judgment.  They operate by assumptions and presumptions rather than facts.  And yes, it is widely known there are pantograph type machines capable of actually using a ball-point pen to fabricate or copy signatures...and such offered as "originals."  Done all the time.

There are a number of forensic methodologies to ferret out fraudulent documents by appropriate experts (they are few and far between) far, it never seems to matter.  The judges procedurally dispense with the cases before evidence can even be admitted let alone presented before a jury.  And so far, I don't know of one case out of the millions in the entire Country where a "court" actually enforced discovery statutory one ever gets discovery on the criminals because they would lose.

Moreover, the REMIC must exist in the first place.  If the IRS REMIC election was never taken, it is not a REMIC; if the "trust" has not filed the appropriate tax returns, it is not a REMIC (Form 1066)...again, you cannot get this information even in...the judges won't let us.

There is no due process, no rule of law and the Constitution has been eviscerated with judges legislating from the bench when they themselves are not lying or providing incompetent orders, rulings and judgments.

And, I won't even get into bankster lobbying of these crooks... 

As you know, Keith, I've been a law-abiding Nontaxpayer for 20 years, along with tens of millions of other non-filers. I describe what I have learned, here:

Every year during 'tax season' (Jan 1- Apr 15) Congress' IRS al Qaeda puts on a show of force by pursuing a handful of high-profile nontaxpayers.

Taxpayers, because they are lazy, ignorant, and fearful, don't know that IRS pursues eight times as many filers as non-filers, yet there were only twice as many filers as non-filers as of 2005 (do a filer is 400% more likely than a non-filer to be pursued by IRS). So when ignorant, lazy, timid Taxpayers ask me, "how do you get away with it?" I turn it back on them and ask, "Since you are four times more likely to be chased by the IRS than I am, how do YOU get away with it?"

After hitting me up for a decade like hopeless vinyl siding salesmen, the agency finally gave up on me about a decade ago. During the first decade that I stood up to Congress' state-sponsored terrorists, I crossed swords with 14 of them; I list their names and offices in 'A Tax Honesty Primer'.

So they gave up; they knew I had them dead to rights. I didn't have to use esoteric law theories, either. I've not heard a squeak out of Congress' terrorists in a decade because if they took me to court, I'd demand a jury trial so I could show a dozen more Americans 'A Tax Honesty Primer'. They'd learn the truth, would acquit me immediately...and start considering setting *themselves* free, too!

DC al Qaeda can't afford that, so they leave me alone. The doofuses in the brown polyester suits are cruel, but they're not stupid.

By the grace of God and a lot of courage and hard work (just reading!) I live in more liberty than my parents or grandparents ever dreamed of.

* I'm self-employed, so I don't worry about workplace idiocy.

* I'm a law-abiding Nontaxpayer; April 15th is just another day of the year.

* I'm a homeschooling father and grandfather so we don't worry about horrible schools.

* My family is part of a house church network, so we don't worry about corrupt, false churches. 

As founder and CEO of AmericaAgain!, my team and I are involved in the only full-spectrum 'restore America' mission in the republic. I describe it in my books 'This Bloodless Liberty', 'Fear the People', and in my new book, an 8-week boot camp manual called 'Mission to America'...

Talking about the IRS is pointless if you don't intend to do anything about it. Go find something productive to do with your life. Don't maunder in your cups about bad guys if you intend to keep feeding them!

Better yet, JOIN AmericaAgain! and take your county leadership position. Sign up right here; click on your state flag and join your county group. Chances are, the others in your county joined Constitutional Club back in 2012-13 and haven't done squat for years. Now we have a plan of action. In your county, either YOU take responsibility or it goes begging.

Just do it. 



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