Since 1862 with the passage of the Legal Tender Act . Congress
began forcing the people to use counterfeit money to acquire the goods and services they wanted. President Abraham Lincoln's unconstitutional actions violated the Constitution in many ways.
According to the Constitution the only lawful money is Gold and Silver. Paper money that is backed by gold and silver is lawful money, paper dollars not backed by gold and/or silver are counterfeit currency.

Real money represents wealth while the fiat currency issued by the 
Federal Reserve
 represent debt. Federal Reserve Notes printed out of are a

fiat currency
created out of thin air and represent an obligation to pay the Federal Reserve for the use of the paper currency plus interest.

Collecting taxes from the people is how the government is able to pay the interest on the national debt. If we were using Constitutional money most of the taxes we pay would be unnecessary.

When the mafia issues and distributes counterfeit money they are committing a crime, but when the government does it is legal thanks to an act of Congress. In 1913 the counterfeiting operations were transferred from Congress to a privately held corporation known as the Federal Reserve. By using their Federal Reserve Notes we are essentially acquitting the goods and services we need by borrowing money from the Federal Reserve.

The IRS is another privately owned corporation is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve.  

The income tax
is a direct un-apportioned tax and is unconstitutional. All Congressman, Presidents and Supreme Court Justices have taken an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and since 1862 every one of them have violated their oath of office.

During the Civil War the Constitution was suspended and Lincoln became a military dictator. The organic Constitution written in 1787 can not protect us if don't defend it. Ultimately, it is "We the People" are the ones responsible because we have given our consent by remaining silent.

As long as we allow our Federal government to engage in criminal activity we will continue to be victims of the bankers who have collectively picking our pockets thanks to the debt based monetary system endorsed by our Congressional Representatives.

How can we restore the Constitution

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Very informative indeed.

David a lot of huff and puff but you never answered a single one of my questions. You sound like Hillary Clinton huffing and puffing on and on, but never answers the questions. If every one of those people believed as you implied, why was almost the very first thing the first Congress did was to establish a central bank so we could borrow money from it.  

How many gold and silver mines where the United States at that time? I don't give a dam about your testicles I just wish guys like you had guts enough to just answer the questions. 

In which case it would be a good idea to ask questions that make sense and are relevant to our current condition.

I think most are aware of Hamilton's bank and the opposition to it. Mr. Dale, if you can't offer something of importance, why don't you just read instead of write? We come on this site to learn a bit about how to rid ourselves of this leviathan masquerading as our government, not to witness endless bickering. Thank you.

How every you didn't have the  guts to just answer the question and come on the radio show and talk about it did you.

Very informative. Thanks for posting, David.

Daniel  if you really want to solve the problems that we have today and get back to an honest government that will follow the Constitution.  My questions are the most relevant to our current condition. If you really want to rid yourselves of this leviathan masquerading as our government.  You have to know what to do.  The only way that you can do it if you get control of the money. That is the power that runs every thing. And you can't do it by talking that gold bull $%# Because it never worked it cannot work  because there is simply not enough of it and there is no way to get our hands on it if there was.  Paper money is not the problem, the problem is that they loan it all to us at interest.  If the government print the money and spend it into circulation for the welfare of the general population. Then take the control of the money away from the bankers we can do it.  But if you let the bankers control all the money in the world all the time and we can only get it by borrowing it. You will never accomplish anything.  

Right on one count-wrong on the other. Using substance [gold and silver] as mediums of exchange along with other forms of barter worked quite well. You claim we had no gold or silver because we had no mines. They had been mining those elements in Africa and South America for centuries and half the world was utilizing Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc. coinage minted form those mines, including the colonies and early states.

The problem was not that that system didn't work. The problem for the banksters was that it worked too well. They couldn't debauch a system based on quid pro quo. They needed a system of fiat currency that could be manipulated, loaned into existence under the premise of compounded interest. A system meant to enslave the masses.

As to getting rid of our current monetary system you are right. Who in their right mind would argue that? The righteous have been trying to throw the money changers out of the temple of human dignity for over 2000 years and the b*****rds keep coming back. Perhaps trying to get rid of the system has been the wrong approach. Maybe we should be trying to get rid of the money changers, themselves. They are the root of the problem. The system is merely the branches.

You got it right Dan. Let's arrest the change agents and their agencies.

Arresting them sounds like a good idea. Please tell me just how you really do that?

Haven't you noticed, they own the court system.

Speaking of gold and silver, Professor Murray Rothbard maintained all his life that the nominal value of a particular weight of gold or silver is unimportant; it could be vastly more valuable than the depressed value the bankers have kept on it. The poiint is to not allow bankers to manufacture 'money' out of air and keystrokes as they do now, creating 'loans' against labor and hard assets of the borrower, without bringing anything at all to the table on the bank's behalf.

The insipid, pugilistic Mr. Dale is aware that my lengthy article above provides book links and free online resources addressing his questions and also addressing issues raised by Keith's article. Apparently Byron has time on his hands and enjoys argument for its own sake. I refuse to play.

Congress can always allow for notional 'warehouse receipts' for fractional amounts of gold and silver. Checks and even debit card transactions, if actually backed by gold or silver in an audited government vault, would meet the spirit of the law. The whole point here is that they can't simply create 'money' (and notional credit derivatives) out of thin air; this should have always been illegal.

As to Congress' second largest financial crime, its IRS check-skimming racket (by which it skims off some of the liquidity of all that fake money), I stood up to (14) IRS operatives over a decade and sent 100% of them home empty-handed until they left me alone about a decade ago. At 'A Tax Honesty Primer', I tell the story of all that I learned about Tax Honesty over the years; I do not sell anything or accept donations...

It is harrowing at first, because Taxpayers are lifetime victims of state-sponsored terrorism. But now that tens of millions have entered the ranks of non-filers, the average filer is 400% more likely to be hunted down by the DC al Qaeda, than the average non-filer. I simply didn't like the idea of just not filing; I wanted to tell the truth, obey the laws, and force my criminal servants to do the same.

Over 20 years, I've had pissants like Byron Dale on my case for weeks at a time, barking like yapping chihuahuas. On my hobby website I even name the agents and IRS offices that I've dealt with so they can report my website if they like. I've had dozens of CPAs glom onto the website with IRS personnel.

But I still sent those (14) agents home empty-handed, and my site still stands after all these years.

There; Byron Dale wanted guts, so I pulled his out and laid them on the ground for readers to see that shilling for the banksters and DC organized crime doesn't work anymore.

Peddle it somewhere else, chump.

At least I'm sane and can think  for myself that is obviously more than you are and can do.



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