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Voting for a candidate would probably make senses if those that were elected represented the voters. Unfortunately, they don't. They are agents of the bankers and the financial elite that have created the illusion that we are free and that politicians are honest men and women that love God and their Country. The fact is they love Federal Reserve Notes and the privately held corporation that print them. Our elected officials are nothing more than a den of thieves that masquerade as public servants.
George Washington, who is considered the father of our country warned us that allowing political parties to take root would be desasterous. He felt that political factions would divide the people and allow the bankers and other special interest groups to take over. Since both political parties are controlled by the same cartel of International Bankers, they are different manifestations of evil. Choosing between the parties is like choosing between a brain tumor or lung can cancer. Which ever you choose, you lose and the bankers win.
The bankers stage mock elections to give us the false impression that we are calling the shots. The men and women anointed by the bankers to represent us are hand picked by the financial elite. By voting for them we give them our consent to steal our lives, liberty and property.
In order to get elected candidates are required sell their souls to the devil and once elected they do their best to serve him.
The same bankers that control the media, the colleges and universities and the political parties are highly sophisticated con men that are intent on enslaving us and taking everything we own. In case you haven't noticed the deck is stacked against us and a long as we keep playing with the cards we are dealt we are going to lose.
James Madison, in Federalist Number 10 warned us against factions and Thomas Jefferson warned us that if we were to allow a private bank to issue our money we would one day wake up as paupers in the land our fathers conquered.

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