Congress Has a Staph Infection

In 1910 there were 435 elected members of the House of Representative and 870 un-elected staff members. Today we still have 435 elected Representatives and  9,570 staff members.

In the average district there are of over 700,000 people being represented by 1 elected representative and 22 un-elected bureaucrats.

That comes out to a ratio of 1 representative for every 30,434 constituents.

If we created 23 small districts out of every large district we would have 10,005 congressional districts and all of the people in the House would then be  Representatives and would be accountable to the people.

Our Congressmen and women are nothing but glorified hood ornaments. The bulk of the business is handled by their army of unaccountable bureaucrats. I guess you could say we are experiencing a staff infection.

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Large Congressional Districts lead to more regulations, higher taxes and less freedom. 

When political power is concentrated in the hands of the few the many suffer.

In a just society people are not regulated by government the people govern themselves.

Reform to Constitutional mean?..


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