I am sorry to say that the Constitution written back in 1787 has become nothing more than a glorified governmental hood ornament. Many of the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded have long since been forgotten by those who have sworn an oath to preserve them.

When we continue to elect unethical men and women to represent us we are ultimately responsible for their behavior. The expression "Garbage In, Garbage Out" certainly applies to Congress.

The document that was supposed to protect us from a tyrannical government has been used to form a crime syndicate consisting of corrupt bankers, lawyers and crooked politicians. While we were asleep we have hired Jack the Ripper to supervise the girl's dormitory.

The Constitution that was supposedly written to protect us from tyranny has become the instrument in the hands of the financial elite to enslave us. I believe that the Constitution was initially promoted by the London Bankers to create a stronger central government in America that would have the power and authority to tax the people so the new government would have the ability to repay the money owed to the London Bankers.

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The Founders from the beginning said that the Republic would only last IF the people kept it.  We need a new age of Enlightenment.  Everyone needs to check out the Center for Self Governance.  Here you will learn how you can go through extensive training to become part of a county team to hold your local government controllers accountable to the principles of republican government.  If you want a simple and non-sacrificial answer to our present mess, this is not for you.


Sorry, Keith, but that 1787 document of which you speak is not our enemy. The Constitution 'for' the United States of America was quietly shelved by a bunch of banker owned lackeys after the Civil war and replaced by the Constitution 'of' the United States. These are 2 different instruments and apply to 2 different entities. The first applied to our foundling republic and was a restraint on government in regard to the rights of the people. The second is merely a set of corporate bylaws for the new government where the international banksters are the preferred stock holders. Why on earth would anyone think that these scammers would give a damn about protected rights when they caused the very war that led to this deception?

Good one DAP. You're right on the money.

From of all sources, the Constitution for these united States of America   v

The Constitution of The United States.

from dailykos, with some mocking, but otherwise it's great.



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