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Image result for government is that great fictionThe goal of political parties is to pick the pockets of their political opponents before the pockets of their constituents are picked. The job of political parties is to purchase the seats in Congress to pass laws that benefit their political faction.

A government that is divided into political factions can not pursue to goals expressed in the Preamble. In order to create a more perfect union, all of the people must be equal under the law. In order to promote equality and justice no law should ever be passed that benefits some of the people at the expense of others.

Equality is the foundation of liberty and justice and the Constitution Party should not support any legislation or candidates that would benefit some and harm others.

The Constitution Party believes the role of the government is to protect the God given rights of the people and that it is immoral and unconstitutional to redistribute the wealth from producers to the unproductive members of society.

The Constitution Party is not for the rich or the poor, it is for all of the people that believe in Liberty, Equality and Justice.

Give the power to the rich and they will plunder the poor, give the power to the poor and they will  plunder the rich. If you want no one to plunder anyone you should join the Constitution Party.

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