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. Every President since the ratification of the Constitution has violated the oath that they took to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

They have all assumed powers not delegated to them in Article II Once in they assumed the office of the Presidency they all became abusers rather than defenders of the rights of the people.

The powers granted to the President are well defined in Article II. Unlike a King, Emperor or Dictator our President has a short list of delegated powers. 

I will now provide a relatively short list of examples of unconstitutional behavior by our President . The President has the authority and the responsibility to veto all unconstitutional legislation passed by Congress.

George Washington got the ball rolling when he allowed for the establishment of the First Bank of the United States. When John Adams refused to veto the Alien and Sedition Act he violated his oath. Without Constitutional authority Thomas Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory.

When Andrew Jackson refused to veto the Indian Removal Act and defied the Supreme Court ruling, he was guilty of the abuse of power.

When Abraham Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, he violated the Constitution when he declared martial law and invaded the south. He became the first in a long line of military dictators to occupy the Presidency.

When Teddy Roosevelt began seizing land in the states he violated the Constitution and when Woodrow Wilson allowed the for the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Progressive Income Tax and 17th Amendment. He also violated the Constitution. He also abused his constitutional authority when he engaged our country in an unconstitutional war in Europe.

Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was in a reality a raw deal for the American people. The confiscation of our gold and the creation of social security are other examples of his abuse of power and the Constitution.

Hairy Ass Truman became a war criminal and violated the Constitution when he authorized the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He also violated the Constitution when waged a undeclared unconstitutional war of aggression in Korea.

Lyndon Johnson's engagement in the Vietnam War was unconstitutional and Richard Nixon's behavior in office is well known.

George H. Bush and his son George W participated in unconstitutional wars of aggression and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama completely ignored the Constitution.

These are just a few examples of how some of our Presidents have violated the Constitution for the united States.

Take Our Presidential Survery

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