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Well, here it is folks. Another angle, another injured Party "travelling upon the land" and minding their own business, until someone in "government" pissed them off!

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I totally get what you are specifying, Mort and I agree to a point.  We must realize however that contracts are huge in law and the oath of office, if administered properly and lawfully under true contract law is a huge part of true natural law. The Malum In Se, Anglo Saxon jurisdiction of common  law we are both familiar with is so very, very simple in that one is to do no harm to another, do no damage to property, and adding in the critical point of honoring all 'lawful' contracts.  

I think what WV is doing and has done may be a good example. We can also use the DOI as a reference to what I am referring to in that all possible must be done prior to exercising the last resort. IMO, WV has destroyed their purported govt. on paper like no other attempt has accomplished in the history of our nation. The conference call last evening explains this very well and I think we may finally be getting somewhere regarding the enforcement aspects of what has been done on paper. Supposedly, there will be huge numbers gathering to enforce what has been accomplished.  This my friends, could be the hope of saving our children and nation we have all been yearning for and very well could be the total downfall of their evil empire worldwide if we play this right. 

Now is the time to heed Mort's advice into taking action due to the finally of the paper game.  This is also a PR game which must be played out very precisely because by simply going in and snatching and grabbing (my initial suggestion due to my disgust) those foreign agents, we may lose the hearts and minds of the people however, by going in with force in numbers followed by clear, concise, and competent announcements of what, how, and why such has taken place via their current bully pulpit communications venues to which we take over could be the key to success. 

Here is the recording of last evening's conference call.  I feel this may be the absolute best call to date and really hits home. Please listen to it from beginning to end several times if need be in order to grasp everything being conveyed.

put up a schedule of programs please im not always on this thing but being that your programs ont the radio are in the evening i would like to get in sometimes.

Quis,  We hold conference calls every Monday and Thursday.  Mondays call is at 9:00 PM Eastern 6:00 PM Pacific.  Thursday calls are held at 8:00 PM Eastern 5:00 PM Pacific.  Call in Number: (605) 562-3149 Access Code: 399791#  Press star (*) and  6 to mute and the same to un mute.  

It would be great to have you on and there is always a Q&A session following the main presentation.

Thankyou leonard

hmmm does this mean i shouldnt have killed rattle snakes and ate them?

House off Cards doesn't do it justice though Dan.

It's gonna be more like a million rats deserting the proverbial sinking ship. If one state succeeds, there is NO WAY "they" are gonna keep it outta the news. And then you will see the Democ-Rats jumping first with the rest soon to follow.

Morton, I would disagree with your opinion that Leonard's oath theory does not have standing. The problem is HOW the government has been hijacked/overthrown and is being manipulated by the lawyers and THEIR corporate creation. Those corporate entities are the mask that these criminal traitors are hiding behind. Most of these OTHER patriotic individuals and groups are going to be slaughtered because they WILL end up in court. That's as rediculous as asking the fox to deal out justice to the hens! It's a no win situation.

To expatriate/repatriate removes oneself from the corporate system and lawfully gives them Constitutional standing within the standings of the real Constitution. Even if the criminal courts remained in business, they are a foreign court that is NOT recognized in OUR Constitutional society.

It's as if our government wished to prosecute Americans in Norwegian Court. They can't. We don't belong there, and those courts have no authority to force us to go. As ethical and trusting the Norwegian system might be, we have our own system that WE The People have to settle our differences. Same goes for the corporate created criminal syndicated courts that have propped up over the last century. Doesn't matter how long they've been in "business", we now know for a fact that they have been investigated and all evidense proves they are a criminal enterprise. As such, we will, from now on, make sure we interact with lawful and Constiutional courts, legislatures, and executive branches of government.

Now that the criminal syndicate has been exposed, why would anyone choose to continue to do business with them? The way to protect ourselves from their clutches is to nullify any "fraudulent contracts" we may have been fleeced into by deceit or duress by these fraudulent entities.

'Go ahead, send us an invoice, employment handbook, and human resource manuals. They are null and void and We The People have no business relationship with the criminal enterprise! They can stick their paperwork! Should the criminal enterprise choose to send their enforcement jackboot collection arm to intimidate our freedom, they will be met with the an equal and opposite force and the lawful Constiutional system to prosecute them under OUR jurisdiction'.

We have the method to formally declare which authority WE CLAIM for ourselves AND the rules of society we are agreeing to recognize as having jurisdiction. But if and when their system crosses paths with OUR system, ours takes precedent inside THIS Republic. They are a corporate fiction and have no effect on free humans that walk the EARTH.

Who is your Master?

This is America!
We have no Master and we don't have inferior subjects.
We are a Republic of equals living in harmony.

Mike, Very good post.  I can only take issue with the acceptance of the Constitution for the United States of America due to the Definitive Treaty of Peace of 1783  a.k.a. Treaty of Paris 1783 which made the King (Crown of England) Arch Treasurer and Prince Elector of the United States of America. That's a big, big problem, my friend.  However, this organic document could be used temporarily as a bridge to an eventual true natural law form. ;-) 

The three so-called representatives to sign the Treaty of Paris were Esquires and by their signatures committed treason against the Republic. They had no authority to sign away America's independence to the Crown.

They were subjects of the Crown, so their signatures could not have been a representation of America's intentions. The Treaty is null and void because of a conflict of interest by the signers.

I agree Mike but, we must go back to the maxim of law which is: "silence is acquiescence".  To the best of my knowledge, our purported legislative branch's and the people through the years have been silent and no action has been taken to abolish such nonsense.  With there ability of control over the people along with the ability to rape and pillage all of them as they are, why would they abolish such?  ;-)  

And Fraud is Fraud. Acquiescence is only possible as a legal manipulation and only when the parties with standing KNEW they were being defrauded. Otherwise all you have is a clear case of one party LYING and the other believing them. That is NOT acquiescence. That is FRAUD.


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