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Well, here it is folks. Another angle, another injured Party "travelling upon the land" and minding their own business, until someone in "government" pissed them off!

Watch the Video


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In Downs, it was also explained that there were certain lands in which more than one colony claimed ownership.  In order to ratify the constitution to create the union, these states agreed to give up their claims on these lands and place them under fed supervision.  These were lands that were destined to later be a state or be incorporated into one and each had their own gov.  The bill of rights was written for them to guarantee that they had most of the rights of the citizens of the states.  Being under fed oversight, they were subject to some fed laws, such as the income tax on labor and retirement benefits.

Taxes that citizens of the states were exempt from due to the fact that the states were not granted the power to tax the labor of their citizens.

The 14th is a separate issue.  It does not take complete sovereignty away from the states.  It only takes away their sovereignty over non-whites whether born or naturalized even though living in a state.  The 14th, originally adopted for the negro and extended to all non-whites is first and foremost, federal citizenship with the right to live and be counted in a state as a citizen but without any of the rights of state citizenship.

Otherwise, as far as the constitutions are concerned, the states remained sovereign.  The gov's of the states and the United States went to war against the whites and declared them to also be under the 14th.  It is under this act of war the states gave up their sovereignty.

To this day, as far as the constitutions are concerned, state-born whites are exempt from around 80% of state laws and 99.999% of fed laws and they are completely outside the jurisdiction of all trial courts now in operation.  The reason for this is simple: The constitutional [ judicial branch / common law ] trial courts have all been closed and replaced with legislative branch courts and no constitution grants the gov the authority to subject state-born or state-naturalized whites to such courts.

As per the current territories and possessions. Unlike the territories destined to become states, they are absolutely under Art 4,3,2 [ limited communism ] just like citizens via the 14th amendment.  Permanent territories and insular possessions as we have now are not authorized by the constitution according to one SCt case I read.  It is suppose to be a temp. state but since no possession has challenged it, the court has said it cannot rule upon the issue.

Under original intent, the 14th is forbidden because it condemns a whole class of people to limited communism forever.

I hope this is helpful.

JUST RELEASED!  Here is a YouTube video of the actual filing of the amended complaint to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals that took place this past Friday September 4, 2015.

I like this new youtube video. I think it would be helpful if every WV Citizen and Citizens from all states could see and hear what has been documented. If the average Citizen could SEE, with his own eyes, the many corporate entities created to deceive the public as being a government agency/office, all the while being a "legal" For Profit" corporate business, they would all rise in protest and disgust.

Imagine the lunchroom banter if the truth could be made public tomorrow morning. They average dumbed-down Citizen might not digest the full scope of what has been going on, but they would definitely start to ask a few pertinate questions. With a little education and offering the answers publicly, all Citizens would have the same goal to route the scoundrels out.

We can't imagine the media is going to report it, but what if ...

...If a few WV Citizens could email this video to everyone they know, with the instructions to forward, how long before it goes "WV viral"?


or here>     20 million people watch per week.

or here this is becoming the arm of people in duress.

The Oath Keepers may take a little persuasion to cooperate in full with us Quiz. I'm not so sure of them re: funding and unity of knowledge. Or even unity of purpose in their own organization, but I would be proud to work with them if they are on board with the processes we've thus far undertaken.

I don't want to feel like I'm wasting my time with any organization because they're not unified or their too big to organize or whatever. And while we're at it, Judicial Watch, The Blaze, and We The People at, Robert Schulz should be considered good people to know and combine with.

I will be working on acquiring a more solid link on our page to several new organizations and make sure they all know about us. I will also be setting up links to these groups in our tabs as well as making tutorials videos and instructions for new members too.  I don't know if you noticed, but I have been adding to the site, things it should have had a long time ago. It will be changing more and it will be much better all around. Wait till you see what I have in store. It's gonna be way better to be here. You'll see.

The link was broken when all the fighting between elements in here  CSPOA and as te  Oath keepers were targets after the Bundy Ranch . I was there and saw the oath keepers  do good things. yes there were people who used the FBI dialectic to crucify , but we have too much at stake to not follow a course because new groups mean the uneducated old group possible agency inclusion but some of my best information comes from agents who turned into patriots.

K, Quiz, Thanks for the info.

As a side note, it's most popularly known as the Hegelian Dialectic. Named for Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831).  We call these people "Spin Doctors" today. Also see Hegel's theory of the dialectic.

thank you Morton  for watching  The dialectic is as real as you and i

Quis, I was a former founding member of the Oath Keepers and know Stewart Rhodes and Richard Mack personally.  I also attended the first two CSPOA conventions that were held in Las Vegas and was armed security under the Oath Keepers banner.  I resigned from the Oath Keepers due to the desertion fiasco at the Bundy ranch.  I have had many, many face to face and national OK website forum battles attempting to get the leadership to understand true natural law as opposed to their constant adherence to de facto, statutory, admiralty law because Stewart was taught the de facto way via Yale.  The leadership banned together to suppress my message and belittled my efforts as sovereign citizen BS.  However, the desertion at the Bundy ranch was the last straw so a good number including myself have resigned.

I have on several occasions since my resignation attempted to get Stewart to at least look into what has taken place in West Virginia and he continues to shine on my efforts.  By golly, even Phil Hudok, one of the three plaintiffs of the WV case personally approached Stewart at the recent Oath Keepers summit in Gilbert WV and all Stewart could recommend was take the issue up with your foreign agent Sheriff. "roll eyes"  Yet, when it comes to slaves with a bunch of loose cows, gold mines, and protecting foreign agents who have breached their corporate contract, Stewart can't seem to assist fast enough. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth regarding reliance on the Oath Keepers to truly protect the rule of law and this bad taste is basically directed at the leadership and not the rank and file because I personally know many rank and file members including many who were with me at the Bundy ranch and most are true patriots to the core. I don't want to specify what I believe is the true intentions of Stewart but I can say that what he does seems only to act as some sort of pressure relief valve to blow off just enough steam to keep his members from taking it to the next level of demanding true rule of law from these foreign agent occupiers.

so what your saying is they have w3ent over to the enemy? Both CSPOA and the Oatrhkeepers?  I need to understand your position here. Leonard im not willing to call an Ace of Spades a Queen of clubs yet. And as I have been close to your addresses on this site  and agreed to most all you have put down,  im now wanting to side against you. but I have friends in both camps and as I  do not affiliate with any militia only the patriot cells of America my information has to be flawless..

 In other wordsI have to be very careful of what pictures I paint and those I throw away to  the trash.

Quis, Let me know what I posted above that you don't understand. My disclosures are based off their actions and not just presumptions. We are actually on the conference call right this minute discussing this very topic and I will provide you with a recording once released so you can get a better grip on some facts.


I am of the opinion that there are plenty of groups that wish the same end result that we have. The challenges of dealing with other groups is understandable. We each have our own concept of the injustices inflicted and the remedies to correct them. The fact remains, we are ALL correct! The problems are so huge that they all matter. The challenge is a human nature thing, we all want to be the authors of the answer. There are many answers to the many issues.

We need to work in unity toward the same destination, NOT the single path to get there. We will ALL get there, buy supporting each other while engaging in our area of expertise. We can fix things from coming at it from all sides and shake hands at the conclusion.


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