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Well, here it is folks. Another angle, another injured Party "travelling upon the land" and minding their own business, until someone in "government" pissed them off!

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We must ALL be careful Quiz. Thanks for recognizing it.

The problem with most patriots is that they do not understand two important things:

That the gov is claiming that EVERYONE holds their citizenship exclusively as a result of the adoption of the 14th amendment.

The true nature of 14th / fed citizenship.

Citizens of the United States have very few rights since they are under the law of DC, which is municipal law wherein the gov is free to make and impose almost any law it wants [ Art 4,3,2 ]. In one case, the SCt admitted their rights are few and have been poorly defined and that ultimately, whether or not a right exists must be determined by congress and where congress has not spoken, a claim must be made and brought to the SCt for it to decide if that particular right is considered inherent in fed citizenship.

Original intent here plays only a small roll because the framers had denied congress the right to have citizens, so the 14th itself violates original intent wherein a class of citizenship that now exists that the framers forbade.

Very well spoken and patriotic speech. Can everyone appreciate the intentions behind the numerous individuals and groups that have been waking up. Can we visualize that more and more folks are screaming, ...

.... "I'm mad as Hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore"!

Can we see the trend growing? Can we feel the same pent up frustrations can we see that we are not alone, wanting to correct wrongs?

We can disagree on what is the correct method to fix our Republic. Some say that we need to vote. Others may see a revolution as the remedy. A few have learned here that our three branches of government have been infiltrated and corrupted by the BAR, foreign agents. Other want to take officials to court.

It doesn't matter that people have different ideas of the cure. What we can ALL agree, is that our government, as we know it today, is ALL unconstitutional. There is no disagreement on that.

So lets ask a few simple questions. Who exactly is unconstitutional, the people or the government? Who exactly holds true Constitutional authority and power, the government or the people that created government? Does our Constitution restrict the people or the government? Who takes an oath to defend the Constitution for who's benefit? Who has unlimited unalienable rights, the government or the people? After we answer these simple questions, who has the last upper hand.

Does the Constitution give anyone rights, or define who has and always will have them? They have never been given, so they can never be taken away. They are self-evident and have come from our creator. No one else has claim to our rights. Any attempt to confuse the facts is fraud. Fraud has no statute of limitations. Doesn't matter how many laws, treaties, and regulations are voted on, legislated, ruled by judges, fraud is always fraud. Fraud is criminal and we can hold those suppressing fraud as accomplices and conspirators.

If the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial are engaging in fraud, the People can abolish them. Same goes for state and local government. The People have that authority.

But there is the only answer it is you I and others taking back what is rightfully ours where we live. We cant baby sit those who now are traitors of thye Federal Tyranny. We have our rights under our States through the very designated paper.People too often discount the Declaration of independence because we have a Constitution!  Forget that one at the moment! we have our rights under the first established precedence from 1776

How else can we fight a system so corrupt? now  we use words Leonard once more wants to use procedures but in the long run its where you live the responsibility to your cities councils commissions and law enforcement for when they understand the problem then they can see the usurpation by the judicial system which now they can handle at the local level

The problem is that to much money makes too mucjh power and this we must over come for in every state the present court system needs to be taken back to its beginning for any sort of republic to live!!!.

study more the founders before they became politicians.the committees of information and safety http://committee the first militias built from those committees now its posses under a Constitutional sheriff. My God Help me in my quest to help others realize that where they stand is their power under you oh heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ Amen (as it is)

AMEN! Brother Rodonovich.

And I would add Mike,

"What is the problem with government today; the buildings?; The papers that get shuffled around inside the buildings?; The votes that are taken?; The seats in the buildings? 

Or is it THE PEOPLE that are currently "occupying" these seats?

My point?

We must very quickly begin to realize that "THEY" are JUST PEOPLE! Period! And it is those PEOPLE that we must take to task. If we have to do it one violation at a time and one official at a time, then let it begin soon. For we must remember;

Each and every one of these PEOPLE have lives, just like us. "They" have money troubles, just like us. "They" have families and kids and worries, just like us. "They" are just as vulnerable to attack as are we. If each of us can take each of them one at a time, to task, to actually DO THEIR JOB LAWFULLY or step down, (Stand Down), no matter what their public position, we will all be that much closer to success in this great endeavor of ours.

From the School Board to the Town Hall, from the Police, to the lawyers, the judges and yes even the Dog Catcher, from the top to the very bottom office, we must be willing to not sit back and do nothing. It is time to stand up and say "We will not take this abuse anymore."

You wouldn't let ME take your money out of your pocket and then order you around with the goons I bought with your money, would you? 

Then why the HELL do you let "THEM"??

You are ALL right.

We are at the brink of change. During times of change, many opinions and actions/methods will be deployed. Leonard, forget your stupid Oaths theory. If you remove yourself from one "Jurisdictional Standing" you fall into a different one. But then you have no more "standing" to bring suit against the original "jurisdiction". This is the old "Catch 22" scenario. So your ex/re-patriation methods are an illusion, not reality. In reality, people will do several different things to escape tyranny. This fight is going on EVERYWHERE! And this is how it must be. Yes we must seek to define our lawful position as we see it, but ALL of us are doing the right thing as Mike has so eloquently pointed out. We are all saying to these bastards,"You are human, we are human, you have wronged us, we have standing and necessity to fight back"; and "We will not Comply. Period!"

And this is a good thing. Nobody is totally wrong or totally right in this "coming of age". But just the fact that we are all coming together and continue to learn from each other tells me that we are not far from the chaos of demolition that MUST always precede the rebuilding.

To those who are fighting the good fight I say let's all stick together and, - Semper Fidelis

To those who would continue down the path of tyranny I say, - Molon Labe Bitches, We're coming for you, and there are more of us than you - BY FAR!

 I can always count on you Morton to make a period into an exclamation point.


Morton have I ever told you that I doubt your purpose? Have I squandered words of deposement to your beliefs?

That will be judged by you in your own mind but in mine you are one of the pillars of this and the patriot cause. I have admonished keith many times but never have had to question your position.

I and you are  as one man standing on solid ground. Our studies have been to revisit what our Founders made and what our options are. We have made statements for debate but few seem to want to step foreward. How else can a man measure his worth to his nation to his people than to stand accountable for what he does and what he says. onward>

I never lack words  and you never seem to ither.   A Young man steps foreward  to help protect his area of influence He wants to be known as a clan of Leonard Frank House of Harview. is that Royalty or the old Scottish Guilds speech . I listen and I look at what he presents It resembles material I worked with in the Patriot groups in the 90's but I cant bring myself to deter his purpose for he like you, I, and every man in here who has taken a vow within his own breath that today is the day of the rest of my life and it matters.

I just can only admonish him to be careful for I have stories which I lived through which are very interesting to say the least about this tyranny.

Im not a writer only a mining engineer my sense comes from the feel of rocks but they have dimensions as they have purpose. And so  to I beseech every one in my area of influence to study the nature of this republic and make yourself a power within its reconstruction.

I also tell the militias that their days are gone because now its time to re-establish our power and it is through the work we do where we live. Our city councils need help our Counjty commissioners also need help but mainly our law enforcement needs us in the worst way.

My story, as my feelings since I came out of the closet (not to be construed as gay agenda, but ot use a term the dialectic has made disingenuous ) is to learn to serve my community in any form I can. this tyranny as far as im concerned is lost,  but where I live and where my body with its arms and legs reside are mine and my responsibility to

. And so to the last point my friend.

You and I make exclamation points to others who just make  periods. and  thankyou ? LOL

Quis,  I am aware of mind control via MK Ultra. My first real education on the topic was the eight (8) or so hours of YouTube videos of Cathy O'brien and Mark Plillips.  Those videos shook me up along with another set of videos of the former wife of a CIA military officer assassin who actually had a diary of disclosures from her husband who also happened to be a raging alcoholic.  

I realize that some of the stuff we expose and take to task can be extremely dangerous and I appreciate your concern for all of our safety and do take such warnings seriously. 

I am also very deep into the Union States Assembly which is a movement similar to the TT's Republic however, different in that some of the former participants have taken their foundation and changed the agenda to more of a lawful process and not into any sort of monetary promises or gains by participants.  As was expected, we believe the Union States has been subject to the ills of agent provocateurs nearly two (2) years ago and therefore we have been organizing the operation privately with only a few key people.  Soon, we hopefully will be calling for the convention of (2) delegates from each of the original thirteen colony states for a total of twenty six (26) to convene the continental congress which will then allow for them to work out the lawful process of bringing on the remaining 37 territory states whether they elect to go with Article IV, Section 3 or whether they lawfully devise their own process via this continental congress.

Again, I respect your warning of the dangers we all face when we delve so deep into truth and then attempt to take action however, I thought I would have been taken out long ago due to some of the tasks I've been involved with and I will not cower to those foreign agents and am truly resigned to dying for the cause in attempt to saving our children and grand children's future while hoping several of those foreign agents go with me to the other side while I'm at it. ;-) 

I another Vet will pray for your deliverance from the hands of the Lions den.


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