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Same here

What good is the County Web-site if we can't contact the other members.  Please contact name is Kathy......941-408-0013.......I need some Constitutional people to help with a situation in South Venice by the Englewood Water District.  They are ignoring people's property rights and are doing a sewer program in a neighborhood where there is no public health or environmental reason to do this and it will cost over $12,000 to the property owners of which many are retired on fixed incomes and there are small working households.  The price of homes in the area range from 89,000 to 225,000.   I need help getting EWD to listen to the people.  Our military fought on foreign soil to protect our freedoms and entities like the EWD take our rights away.    If we can't stop local unconstitutional action, how can we stop Washington.

I joined in on something over a year ago in Georgia there were about 6 people in the area I emailed them and asked them to come together and talk and I never heard from one person. One was a real estate person and so I even contacted her about a plot of Land, I never heard from her. It might work but if people don't work together it's not going to work. I don't see Georgia listed among the states you have posted, there is only 9 states listed.


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