I am writing ALL of you today concerning a very important matter that I feel we need to address as soon as possible.

I see a lot of problems in the neighbors of people who want to live good lives. People want to be happy, productive, kind and considerate, not be forced into contracts, duties and rights by irrational means such as force fraud and coercion.

The government through its various agencies appear to have lost sight of what makes life so good. We can see an up-swelling opinion growing within my neighborhood and within yours. The emotive cause of this surge of energy is based on what can be seen across the media. There appears to be levels of corruptions across many of the agencies of the Federal and State governments.

We are reaching out to you today in hopes that you can get together with fellow peers within the sheriffs of the various states, in up holding your oath to our beloved Constitution, come to an agreement to help protect the people form a government that is currently asking for too much peonage of it’s people, in order to sustain a strong group of neighborhoods that we love to call our nation.

In the Declaration Of Independence, it states that;

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to Institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness”.

We know that we are not the People they speak of, but we are the people today who demand the same considerations as neighbors and makers of this world. We are exercising our unalienable right to be sovereign, and to abolish our current form of government, removing all who fail to uphold their oath of office in Truth and aim for Abundance for all, and a will to make sure all live life fully.

  1. We demand a new Constitution, that all the people are a party to, not just the ones who signed it and have since passed away.
  2. We demand the abolishing of USURY in all its forms, especially of the Federal Reserve and all manner of illicit banking processes. Furthermore,
  3. We demand a complete and transparent audit the Federal Reserve back to its inception to properly determine how much has been stolen through fiat money practices by the Federal Reserve.

This monetary enslavement system that we have been convinced to support is null and void, and your power as Sheriff can enforce the removal of this system of fraud.

All people want is a fair opportunity to exist without the force fraud and coercion. All people must be aware of the fact that lying and stealing are not to be tolerated, nor is killing for the sake of stealing to be tolerated. Illegal wars created for the purpose of stealing from another group of people is not acceptable. Lying about the danger of toxins in the food, water and air can not be tolerated.

We must demand all of those in the position of affecting the lives of other people shall be held to the highest level of honor, held to the highest law among men and women. The highest law has been passed down through the ages, from God;

  1. There shall be no other man made gods before God.
  2. There shall be no stealing of another's property.
  3. There shall be no killing of man or nature for the purpose of stealing from another.
  4. There shall be no bearing of false witness through the practice of lying.

We don't have anything more to give, we are all sick and dying, and we would much rather operate honorably, treating grown people like adults (not children), treating all people with respect, allow all to do things on our own and create beauty and art and a useful system that serves the people without placing an irrational burden on anyone. We must Do No Harm, and avoid bothering others, unless they are acting with dishonor and violating the Highest Law.

We do not agree with the agenda of our current standing government, and we no longer choose to participate in the lies, and the violation of the ideals intended in the constitution. 

We wish to engage each and every sheriff on [not in] the land to discuss the operational steps we need to take to restore honor to the nation of people we lovingly call America. There is no time like the present, so we must move quickly to organize our intention on this subject, and without delay.

Note to all readers of this letter:

Present this letter to all the county sheriffs across this nation.

Tell them;

"YOU have the power to help us and we have the will to support YOU."

We must engage the sheriffs of the land and must engage the military. We must avoid violence and the use of firearms on the people of whom we all have the honor to protect. Please consider my letter and pass it along to whoever it needs to be passed along to.

We, the people, thank the Sheriffs ahead of time very much for their consideration, time, and protection of this nation. Please forward these emails to ALL the county Sheriffs across the nation so that we may Unite and work our way back to true Freedom.

Thank You for your time, consideration, and Service,
Signed on this date of April 14th, two-thousand, sixteen:

Ronda Constance Roeschlaub
From the House of Clinton-Roeschlaub
Granddaughter of Jean Clinton Roeschlaub

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I like the letter. Only because I am able to read between the lines and fully understand what is being communicated.

When I read it as I think most Sheriffs might. Half of it will pass right over their head. The remaining half, if some Sheriffs have been trained by any of our recent federal agencies, there are many word definitions to conclude this plea was written by a "domesticated terrier" and have them take offensive action.

My constructive criticism would be to reword the letter by including the true and Constitutional authority that a Sheriff has and why he is authorized, by us alone, to protect, honor, and defend the Constitution. Yes, blow some wind up his skirt by praising his ego, while simultaneously teaching him what he really doesn't know. Prove that all Sheriffs have been played for fools and are useful tools of the criminal conspiracy against our Country and everything it stands for.

Here's why I have this unfortunate opinion. My observations are that a good many Sheriffs have been used-to working FOR judges and courts, not their Citizens. I don't perceive them as protectors of the Citizens as much as bounty hunters for the courts. There are exceptions. The small percentage that understand the teachings of Sheriff Mack.

As an example, MY local Sheriff believes Sheriff Mack is a "domesticated terrier". How many more are brainwashed just like him? These guys may be patriotic, but not very educated in the areas they need know. They have been carefully indoctrinated by the enemy that owns them. Never mind their paycheck comes from us. Many just don't get it yet. We have much more instruction to do.

If that's the bar Mike,

Then my Sheriff clears it easy. He hosted his own Sheriff Mack Speaking engagement here in Westmoreland County. I attended and received a couple autographs to prove it.


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