I am sure that you are aware that control politics has successfully employed the tactic of divide and conquer for many years. I am convinced that the discussion on whether or not we should have an Article V Convention is a complete waste of time.

All of this discussion does nothing to promote liberty. All it does is divide people who would otherwise be united against the real enemy.

The Constitution is not the problem. We should be focusing on the treasonous members of Congress and spend our time trying to vote each and every one of them out of office.

By attacking each other we are not focusing on the real enemy, we are aiding and abetting the enemy domestic. We should make a declaration of mixed war on Congress. After all, they've already declared war on us. If they would just honor their collective oaths and follow the Constitution most of our problems would vanish.

Please stop helping to divide the patriot community and let us unite in our efforts to hold Congress accountable. The Constitution doesn't need to be amended as much as it needs to be obeyed.

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