It would seem there is a concerted effort to confuse the rule of law. By vagueness, lack of definition, use of arcane language, and even lies and deception, the attack on Liberty is complete.

They use very specific words and phrases however that allow them to define their own terms in law. It is by THIS that they seek to ensnare you in their “jurisdiction” and it is by this that they are vulnerable to resistance.

In my opinion it is in the words where you will find the key to defeat them. So let’s look at some of the words and phrases.

Driver, Person, citizen, operator, motor vehicle, Resident, passenger, Employer, Employee, contribution, qualify, commerce and yes; even the word YOU.

All of these are CODE WORDS that work to “establish jurisdiction” or simply redefine legal terms or even your Citizenship. This is what all police officers are “required” to do first, before they can then proceed forward. They are taught to use these very specific words and NEVER vary from them as they are necessary to establish their jurisdiction.

So I propose that when faced with these words, we have our own arsenal of word weapons to directly refute their words. For instance;

When they say:

Driver, Operator, passenger, motor vehicle, Employer, Employee, Resident and citizen,

You say:

Guider, steering unit, rider, car, hiring Owner, freeman trader, inhabitant and Sovereign free Citizen.

Get it? For every word or phrase they use, let’s have a counter to it. Every word and phrase!

Watch this video, see if you agree.

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           ****** Warning**** Warning****** Warning******Warning****

   You Patriots Praise These Great Men & Women For Accomplishment in building this Great Nation with all these beautiful documents and freedom. But you Failed to understand The Masters put all of this together through these Great People and protected them in developing are Nation.  

                                       Good luck on May 16, 2014

You are vastly correct;

But there are some of us that recognize that THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.

Even Jesus recognized this. What did that get for him?

So many times I have heard "but we can't do it for ONE" or "the majority voted this in" etc etc.

Yet I have endowed rights by God that I want to keep while many want to take those rights away from me and I notice ALWAYS for their gain or profit. There is no victim or harm to another from me wanting to keep what God gave me. 

Recently I stumbled on this and am printing it out to hang as wallpaper in my home. I believe it should be below Spooner's quote..

"A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right and evil doesn't become good just because it's accepted by the majority" author unknown.

"Barabbas was set free and Jesus was crucified by the majority." Rosanna Miller

I disagree with this video.  It is 6 years old.  If it is true, it is based upon the lawsuits which he references at the very end of the video.  Otherwise, to go into court and talk about travel rights will get you no where.  It is what you do before the court date that makes a difference.

Disagree all you want Kirk,

This is but one video of several or more I could have presented on this subject and is only there as an addendum to the topic of discussion; which is - travelling is a right while "driving" for hire, or carrying "passengers", etc. is a "privilege." There is no denying that this is truly "where the rubber meets the road" - literally!

If the kind of reaction you get from your average "Policy Officer" in an average "traffic stop", is not enough evidence that we are being classified as "Corporate, 14th Amendment, citizens", then nothing I can say will convince you otherwise.

If, however you do agree that we are being reclassified as something other then free men and women, then it is incumbent upon you and everyone else to DEFY them and their un-logic. We must not stand for this kind of obvious oppression any more. PERIOD! 

It's like Wayne says constantly, and others will agree with him; that if some individual brings harm to you or your property, you must hold them PERSONALLY responsible and not just shrink in the face of ignorance.

People can be reasoned with, and when we are armed with the proper information and guided by the proper principles of behavior toward the ignorant and uneducated, we can and should require them to stand up and make sure they know that they will be held responsible for their individual actions against free Americans, despite any "protections" they may claim when "doing their job".

We must endeavor to "teach" them when confronted by their ignorance and lack of knowledge, not fight with them because we are angry about the loss of our freedoms due to our own ignorance and apathy. This is our responsibility as free Americans. Teach the uninitiated.

Morton, I do not disagree with the Right to Travel.  As a point of fact, it is perhaps the most strategic battleground we have, for other than gun registration which is not universal, DL are. We have a right to travel licensed?  I think not.  It cannot be a right if it is licensed.  We need to attack the whole idea of needing a license to drive.

My  problem with the video is how winning in court is conveyed as so easy.  There is much to be added to this discussion on the court process.  But suffice it to say, you had best get something into the court file before venturing into that matrix in person.


I never said, "We have a right to travel licensed." Where do you see that written or implied? In fact I agree with you as far as the idea behind the license. I believe I even said that. Licenses are for "COMMERCIAL DRIVERS" ONLY. They simply do not apply to every day travel. I apologize if I did not make that point clear. In point of fact, I do not have a "Driver's License".

I will never get one. I will defy them, no matter the cost and not just due to the fact that once they refused to allow me one without a Social Security Number, I knew all I needed to know to realize the true nature of their intent. It is clear that in the state Republic or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, (whatever it is), the DMV Corporation is as embedded as they can get to the federal government corporation and their oppressive "systems". It is clear we are being transferred into the category of "commercial" "drivers", accused of "carrying passengers" for hire, with no redress to remove ourselves from that category. Does that jibe with your thinking Kirk?


I agree with you.  It is the license idea itself which needs to be resisted.  We are free to travel and the rules of the road are for determination of who is responsible for damages.  IF we have a disagreement, it is only about strategy, not the right v privilege question.

Morton and all others,

I just read this the other day and I believe it is imperative that everybody read this. But do with that as you will. He is saying it is not about "fiction" of us in CAPS but "venue". Interesting pointssssssss........ However I do know one thing CAPS are there for a reason...

But this is one thing I have learned and I have case opinions on this....... territory/geographical is NOT "jurisdiction" it is "venue". Not only in case opinions but in the Law books dictionaries. So I am trying to incorporate that in this article I posted. Whenever you raise jurisdiction in court they can NOT NOT NOT use geographical boundaries as jurisdiction. And they will try it every time... That is venue. They still haven't answered jurisdiction. So I am still trying to merge CAPS with territory limits.

I am also putting this here because if you read down to the end (hardly anybody does that anymore they all think they are Spencer Read and pick out what they want) it will give you a solution to your vehicle tags.... check this out.. I never noticed this....


This is excellent and goes straight to the point that I believe has been referenced by the author of The Great IRS Hoax - Chris Hansen. This is his whole argument about the IRS. If you look closely at the name of the corporation known as the IRS, you see right there in the name their true intent.

They are not the Internal (Not outside) Revenue (money) Service (provider of services). They are the Internal ("within" the USA Corporation) Re-Venue (change your venue status) Service, (Corporation of the USA). I will be featuring this article real soon. Thanx.

It seems, that, as a man, there is no way to avoid confrontation with the elements of the "system" up to and including making ones own claims in Law.

I see it now, that we were collectively brain washed into believing that litigation is not what "good citizens" do but, as much as it is against my nature, it is proper to assert my own rights when challenged.  Maybe it is a natural process of growing ones spine but it's high time to do so.

I look forward to a challenge on the side of the public highway. Polite of course. But stern, serious, and in general as pleasant to the officer/prosecutor/judge as a course of chemotherapy is to the average cancer patient.  Something that they will be forced to live with every waking moment of their life from now on.

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.”

If anyone wants to dispute the claims made here today. PLEASE PROVE THAT THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE EVER SAID TO THE FLAGS PLURALY.


Theodore Roosevelt

Get that Gold Fringe off my flag.


(The book is over 600 pages and is the best exhibit of the governments corruption from the top down all the way to the courts.)

Please show me in my contract with D.M.V. where it stated that I have agreed to have any traffic case heard under a U.N. One Would Order Flag. Or a Gold Fringed Flag,  Or any other False Flag Dichotomy.

Why are none of the candidates for the upchucking 2016 election not talking about this TREASONOUS ISSUE?


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