Did President Trump violate the Constitution when he
attacked Syria without the approval of Congress?

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I think it was a violation of the constitution, but we need to push him in the right direction. To show support for this country we need to get things done

Assad has been put on trial in the court of public opinion. The media has provided the public accusations without satisfactory evidence. I thought in our Country a person is innocent until proven guilty. It is a serious mistake to rush to judgment on such important issues.

If Assad is accused of a crime let him be put on trial in the World Court. Let the World decide if he is guilty or not.

I am thankful that we have a strong President now since for eight years we have had a muslim wimp. But I have to be honest here. He should have got Congress' approval first before bombing Syria. That is Constitutional. We do not need a dictator. I hope that President Trump in the future will obey the Constitution. He has done more good for America in his first week than Obama did in eight years. I still can't think of one good thing Obama has done.

A strong leader  is one who obeys and honors his oath to preserve, protect and  defend the Constitution. A leader can be strong in a good or bad way. I  would rather see him bomb the Headquarters of Planned Parenthood than Syria.

Trump is proving, over and over again that he is what I said he was. The Manchurian Candidate. Nothing more, nothing less. He has stacked his cabinet with all the right shills from all the right places, with the possible exception of Dr. Ben Carson.

He is the Banker's candidate. Goldman Sachs, etc. Money is truly the root all evil and "The Donald" is putting that first, before this country or his Oath of Office. That's my opinion.

Which constitution? The Constitution of the United States is merely corporate bylaws to be ignored whenever necessary. They play the game and the people swallow the BS.

Morton echos my sentiments completely regarding the Manchurian candidate theory as I have said before. Oh, yes, we'd all like to believe Trump is for real but there are too many positions he's taken to make that credible. His strong statements regarding how we will maintain a close relationship with Israel for one. That nest of vipers has subverted every tenant of friendship with the people of America infiltrating and corrupting every aspect of the corporate government with their phony freedom robbing liberalism.

His appointees raise some very scary flags. His rush to use force where there is no threat to us [and we have no business interfering] is very alarming since both of those countries are holdouts to the control of the central banking cartels. Looks to me like he is in their pocket.

I think the whole election/selection was a giant dog and pony show to appease a good sized segment of the population who are finally waking up. Can't have the sheep uniting at this critical juncture in world conquest, can we? Since we know that those running the show have always owned both horses in a 2 horse race and just to make sure they always get the one they want in office, they then pick who they want by controlling the vote count, raises the big question---what the hell happened to their magic vote counting machine? And even more commanding, if Trump was really who he was made out to be, why is he still breathing?

That's exactly right Daniel,

If Trump truly was not in the back pocket of the Banksters, then why hasn't he been assassinated yet? That's why Kennedy had to go. Because he tried to issue real currency instead of "Federal Reserve Notes", which are not federal, hold NO reserve and are truly only promissory in nature. Like an IOU. Nothing more.

No, The Donald is not on our side and NO I did not vote for him OR HRC. I voted for the Constitution Party Candidate. Not that THAT did me any good. But, what are you gonna do when the best option is no option at all?

You never vote for a 3rd party because usually the Democrat will win. Remember Ross Perot?

I haven't voted since the early 90s when I discovered that this govt. is not our real govt. but a fictional corporation where only Govco's citizens [straw men] were allowed to vote. That is the only 'person' Govco recognizes. When you participate in voting you are doing so as the fiduciary for their SM.

In '95 I revoked my signature on the voters registration and cannot vote in their fraudulent elections as I am not a U.S. citizen, a very low status for any man to claim. Even if you do vote it means nothing as they always control who is being voted for. Voting in this system is an absolutely futile and meaningless act.

It's either that or stop voting as many have already done, for we no longer have a representative government.


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