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The Constitution provides for General Welfare, but not Specific Welfare.

General Welfare benefits everyone while Specific Welfare and no one  benefits at the expense of anyone else.

The purpose of our government is to protect our rights not to redistribute property of some  to give to others. The government can not give you benefits without requiring someone else to pay for it.

Specific Welfare is how the elected officials reward their supporters and punish their opponents. Showing preferential treatment to some at the expense of others is unethical, immoral and gives rise to crime, corruption and perpetual debt.

If it is wrong for you to take another man's property, how can it be ethical to hire another man or organization to commit the theft in your behalf? What is a crime when committed by individuals is still a crime when it is committed by governments.

When a man takes the property of his neighbor without his consent it is called theft. When a government does the same thing it is called taxation. If man has a right to own and dispose of his own property, how can the government do what we as individuals can not lawfully do? If it is wrong for a man to steal from his neighbor it is also wrong for a government take the property of an individual without his consent.

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