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The criminals lurking in the shadows who control the world are continually trying to divide the people into a band of competing vikings. By creating opposition in all things they are able to divert our attention.

The Republicans fight the Democrats, while the old are pitted against the young, the men oppose the women and so on. Their goal is to have us fighting among ourselves rather than focusing on the real enemy.

The terms liberal and conservative are meaningless labels that confuse and distract us. I am not a liberal and I am not a conservative, I am not a Republican or a Democrat, I am simply a man who was born free and wants the government to honor and obey the Constitution for the United States.

The Republicans and the Democrats both believe in fighting unconstitutional wars of aggression and both believe in spending money on things we don't need, don't want and can't afford. Choosing one party over the other is like choosing a beverage laced with cyanide instead of arsenic.

Unfortunately, no matter who we choose, we lose.The candidates on the menu are like burgers at McDonalds. McDonalds doesn't care if you buy a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with Cheese either way they win and you lose.

Every candidate is either a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with Cheese and our elections only give us the illusion that we have a choice.

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So FiveWar Veteran, what's your solution, and please don't tell me you don't have one, your far too smart to not have one. 

I agree but can't help due to being disabled by a severe stroke in August.

yes, it does suck but God is with me so I will be okay in time!!!!!

I have been telling people about these things for years.

You forgot the big divider blacks against whites

Good points Keith,

Which is why I canceled my voter's registration about 5 months ago, voter's registration as a Democrat or a Republican are a waste of my time. When I choose too, I will register only if I find a candidate worthy of the honor of my vote, and that is exactly what my vote is, an honor that the candidate has to have earned, and I haven't seen one of those who has earned it in quite a while.

I, in fact encourage, others to withdraw from voter's registration altogether as a member of either party, and go independent, the primaries are basically a sort it out vote, and it really doesn't matter who wins, because I'm not voting for any incumbent period, I am going vote out as many as I can, or I'll write in my own name, the last time I did that I almost got elected to the city council, because unknown to me, several of my of neighbors voted for me as well, two more votes and I would have won that seat on the city council, and I actually wasn't even on the ballot!

This is our country, and we can run for office even against the odds and win! I almost got elected and I wasn't even officially running for office! All it takes to win is be more sincere then they are and stand by your own word, and you might not be able to keep all of your promises because your opposition won't let you, but that will expose them for their own failures. Keep that in mind if your running for office, use their failures against them at every chance you can, they sling mud anytime they can, and so should you even if you find it distasteful, and base your mud slinging on the basis of their actual failures. That is one of the ways they won in the first place!

People are sick of the body politic as it is today, and all we need to do is run them out of office on the basis of their failure to truly represent us when we vote for them, and if they don't serve us to our satisfaction, then by all mean's run for their jobs and campaign against them for their failures to uphold their oaths of office and vote them out on their asses, I strongly support term limit's right down to the county dog catcher's if they are elected and have an oath. I'm kidding about the dog catcher's, but I'm not kidding about the rest of that statement. We the People have gotten so lazy that we actually hire the candidates who haven't performed to our expectations, and we are too lazy to get off our asses and really run this country the way the founders intended us to do so. What good is the Bill of Rights when we let the body politic run over the very rights we were given by our Creator? Our government is out of OUR control, and that's because we let it run wild over the top of our God given rights by special interest groups known as lobbyests and big corporate interests.

The elected officials we elected are not our masters, in fact it's quite the other way around, and it is time long past due that we assert our authority over these public servants. When they took that oath of office, they became our chattel, and they owe us their entire allegiance, and we need to remind them of who they serve, and again we are not bound by their oaths, they are!

It's called accountability, and these elected "officials" are only official if they uphold their oaths of office and to defend the Constitution, if they don't then they have breeched our confidence and need to either be voted out or be placed on recall notice.

If they don't serve us, then it's time to have a recall, or to run against against them in the next election.

We The People are the only reliable protector of our rights, and of the Constitution, and empty promises made by those who love the power, but not the responsibility, are the sure fired way to let both our rights and the Constitution fall apart. It is time for the We, in We The People, to stand up and be the defenders of our freedom as our founders intended us to be the power and the defenders of our own freedom, and not some smarmy power freaks in D.C.

A lot of good points Eric.

Running against them is not the answer as they remain in office and recall is difficult.

WE need to be able to remove them from office if they go against the Constitution. Period! Possibly trying them for treason, that should also apply to the police and judges. 

Running against them means not playing by their rules at all, recalls can really hurt their chances in the future for yet another election and their past records and lack of action, and a host of other political gaffes's they have pulled off. Planting people in all of their public meetings and appearances to observe and capture what they say at every opportunity you can get into. Ask uncomfortable questions of them and build on their unprepared answers as their mistakes occur when you can in public meetings through ones plants in the crowd, get press credentials and use them as an opportunity to ask these types of questions. There are ways to win that most people wouldn't take or think of, and that's one of the ways to loose big time. Never underestimate the strength of their political machine they have been building and start building your own. Debate them on their weaknesses, and to win points with the public give them credit when they do something good once and a while to throw a curve in your favor, but without giving them to much credit. Best them when they do something right for once by going on step further or more if you can do it. But, and I hate to to say it, this is all about the damn money.

Another topic I have run into that not one person I know of and have met and discussed this with is: Term limits, no one I have met disagrees with the need, but the current office holders are all too busy getting re-elected, term limits is a flat in your face end of discussion issue with these feeding at the public tough types. You can never win alone in this regards on that one by itself, you will get thrown under the bus by your own efforts with that one. Once your in, your part of an exclusive club and you will get nothing done as not one of your colleagues in office will support one effort of your work in office as you are a threat to their feeding at the tough. It will take a Constitutional Convention to draft up an amendment on that topic and then getting it ratified, well good luck on that one.

But I do think an underground movement could make it clear that when every time they run for office it's two terms and their out could start to be effective if a real effort to advertise that idea before elections were held might put a chink in their armor. It's all about the damn money and strategy, and timing, and in that order.

We have to think out side of the box and don't play nice either. We have think about the fact that this is a war for our national freedom, and the opposition will do any thing they can to crush any one who runs against their socialist agenda. The NWO is bigger then we can ever hope to tackle, all any one can hope for is to slow it down before it crushes us completely but never stop fighting is the rule #1 to survival. With Jade Helm 15 in motion and it has been already in underground ways of new people moving onto certain area's of 7 States in motion even now, and open maneuvers this summer.  

I have said too much already, so I'll leave at that for now. 

I left the republikrat party in 2012 after they screwed Ron Paul using democrat party tactics of violating every party rule and every accepted parliamentary procedure.  they are evil!!!!! the gop is the elephant wing of the soros run NEW WORLD ORDER SOCIALIST PARTY!!!!!

I agree. there is one party, the NEW WORLD ORDER SOCIALIST PARTY.  It has a donkey wing and an elephant wing, both of which bow to the soros, buffet, Bloomberg, Rockefeller, gates, etc. cabal of globalist billionaires who serve satan and want to rule the world like hitler/stalin/mao!!!!!

You left out the bigggest of all the Rothchilds, and the Queen of England is not far behind.

I read most of the comments. I have been advocating using constittutionalist for years. Just this week end at Rolling thunder, some one was discussing that we must elect conservatives and I asked "what's a conservative"? Ask ten people you will get ten answers.  But, back to the comments. Why are people willing to write in their own name or not vote at all, when there is a choice out there to restore the constitution. The Libertarian party tries very hard to follow the letter of the constitution. Most Libertarians are also for term limits.  Gary Johnson got seven percent of the vote when he ran.  If he had gotten anything over ten, we would officially have a third party that would be getting the same matching funds that both the Democrats and the Republicans get. The Media would have to recognize the LP candidate. This  would also automatically put LP on the ballot in all fifty states with out them having to spend thousands of donated dollars every election to get on the ballot.  That would be a win!  In NC we had enough people vote for the LP candidate for Governor, that we no longer have to fight to be on the ballot there. It can happen where you live too.    Why do people refuse to recognize this fact, and instead,  claim we do not have a choice.

in Oklahoma only dem and repub are on the ballot.  I have contacted my state reps asking for this to change but it hasn't happened yet.


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