Does a woman have a right to terminate the life of her unborn baby?

What do you think?

What would have been the position of our  founding fathers?

Does an abortion violate the Constitution?

Please leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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sad to say you are 100% right.  

   NO    ;   the life belongs to   GOD , not the woman ; abortion is as much murder as suicide .

You only have 1 life ; live it ; the belief in a 2nd life , or life after death is the ultimate expression of greed ; learn to be one of the grateful undead .

You know I hadn't thought of that but you are exactly correct. If trying to kill yourself is against the law then trying to kill your baby should be against the law also.

murder is murder no matter who commits it or how it is committed.

If this type of mentality continues, at what point can we expect to allow "post-birth abortions"?

I am willing to make a list of politicians that we could nominate for post-birth abortions!

But still, the math hasn't worked out. We have allowed the Liberals to have abortions, and gay marriage. Yet they keep reproducing more Socialist/Liberals. How can that be?They "should be" an endangered species by now!

NO ; WHEN THAT WOMAN CAN CREATE THAT LIFE FROM NOTHING ; YES  ; YOU CAN ONLY DISPATCH A HOPLESSLY DAMAGED CREATURE .1ST Amendment ; who owns the life ( God ) ; abortion is another word for murder ; let the fault be on us and our children . You invoke the wrath of God .




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