This website was created for serious American Patriots that are willing to invest a few minutes daily to educate themselves on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. It was created for students of all ages to learn the principles upon which our nation was founded. If have a sincere desire to become a Constitutional Scholar, you have come to the right place.

"A man that expects to remain ignorant and free, expects what never was and never will be."
Thomas Jefferson

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The Principles of the 5,000 Year Leap

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The Declaration of Independence

Our Ageless Constitution

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I do not want to take this one month free course, so please cancel it please. Thank you.

"Don't share This With Anybody[!]" you say. You've got to be kidding!

I could almost understand it if you said "Don't share this with just anybody". Perhaps some people are not WORTHY of receiving our exalted knowledge. Maybe, as Jesus says, we should avoid casting pearls before swine. But "Don't share this with anybody"? That's ridiculous.

In fact, we can't afford to withhold our information from ANYBODY. We happen to live in a country with majority rule (sort of). And if the majority is ignorant, life will stink here! We need to share our information with EVERYBODY! And if a few of our pearls get trampled on in the process, well that just goes with the territory!

Wait a minute--I get it--you ARE kidding! You really had me there. I must say your headline really grabbed my attention. I clicked on the link right away! You should keep on USING that line. We should ALL use it.

Why did you SIGN UP for this course, Jo Ann?

Jo Ann Cornwall said:

I do not want to take this one month free course, so please cancel it please. Thank you.

Linda Burkhead, .... Wonderful promo!  Tantalizing First One-liner ...(Of course, now I WILL share it ... ha)

I'm sending this to my kids!  Cuz you know what our public "government" schools have not been teaching children about freedom, liberty, etc.  And of course, parents are so busy being capitalists that they have forgotten what we're losing.

P.S.  Have you sent out my email "Subjective Measurements of Value" yet? (posted this morning 7/10/13)


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