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There will be a conference call to discuss drafting a new Constitution for your state. While the state Constitutions were written to protect the rights of the  people, like a cancerous tumor they have metastisized and become a tool in the hands of the corporations to enslave the people.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dial 1-605-475-4922 and enter the access code 116627#

To listen to the archived call dial 1-605-475-4952 and enter the access code.

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Start off by writing a preamble to your new state Constitution.

What good would it do to draft new state constitutions?  They don't use the ones we have now.  If you bring up a state constitution at trial showing a clearly protected right, the judge will run the jury out of the room and threaten you with contempt if you bring it up again. 

How about recusing the judge? Clearly, the judge is against the Constitution if he won't allow it to be brought into his court. What right does he / she have to do that?  What about his sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against all forces foreign and domestic? How about bringing those things into question? Just a thought.  I have been having all kinds of success fighting unconstitutional traffic courts using several books. The first is called "Common-Law Remedy To Beat Traffic Tickets" which is a free download of about 65 pages. I have converted everything into OpenOffice/Microsoft Word and have put it in 13 point - Arial font. (So that they primarily match the original books which were in Corel WordPerfect which is difficult for users without WordPerfect.  I have the other books as well and will respond if anybody wants them but those have to be paid for. The common-law remedy is free.  The website is common-law remedy to beat traffic and the websites administrator is Thomas Eliot and his email address is contact@common-lawremedy It is a wonderful website full of helpful law suggestions, not just for traffic tickets.

Like Bill May said, there is no need to change the state Constitution's. We just have to make the powers that should not be follow them. Our rights are being ignored and that should not be allowed.  And only We the People can collectively change that.

The state Constitutions are  worthless pieces of paper that give the  state government the authority to regulate our lives. violate our rights and steal our property. The Constitutions were wrtitten to  protect the rights of the people have become the tools in the hands of tyrants to enslave  us.

If you look at the powers granted to the states over their true citizens [ not fed citizens and aliens ] the states have very limited powers over those people. The fact is that the constitutions have been completely over thrown by an undisclosed communist / despotic power which recognizes absolutely no rights.

State-only citizens lost almost all rights back in the early 1950's when 14th citizenship status was forced upon them.  The unPatriot Act officially declared even due process a mere privilege that can be denied at will. An FBI agent can write themselves a warrant to search you, your home or your business and even if you tell your wife or attorney, you can be locked up indefinitely. 

The communist Obozo officially declared that we don't even have the right to breathe. He did this by openly setting an official policy of being able to order the execution of anyone, even Americans, if the gov decides they are an enemy combatant.  Oh, the gov gets to define 'enemy combatant', so it could include anyone that ever questions any gov action.

I agree that a new Constitution is going to go nowhere in bringing this country back to what our founders created. Bill May is right - our elected's don't abide by the laws we have in place - what makes anyone think they would abide by something new unless they do it themselves - and they do have new Constitutions written and waiting to slam us in the back with a Constitutional Convention and create what THEY want this country to be and there will be NOTHING Constitutional about it. They wouldn't even support bringing Obummer up on charges of treason, but some of those lame "R's" are willing to go after Trump because he is wise to who has been doing what. Most of Congress belongs in jail and most under the charge of Treason.

What is Ted Cruz still doing in Congress? Does TX not have the courage to recall him or force him to prove he is a citizen?

Nothing in this country is working right at this time except the push to restore the Common Law Grand Juries and that is what this site should be focused on. Why isn't it? Through that process, the power would be back in the hands of the PEOPLE!

Doesn't matter if you are re-constructing a new state constitution or one for the country - all current state constitutions follow all changes made in the original Constitution - that is how we know the true original 13th amendment was not about slavery, but keeping lawyers out of office. It was ratified because some of the states had already changed their state constitutions to reflect the amendment. And if you live in a state like mine (FL), the crook legislators just keep creating bills and amendments which change the constitution and 9 times out of 10 you are worse off than when you started.

Dianemarie, why do you think most of the worthless POS (pieces of ####) politicians try soooo hard to become a member of Congress?  And trust me, rarely does it have anything to do with patriotism and serving our country and trying to make living conditions better for all.  No indeed!  Basically its totally personal.  Where else are they likely to find a job they're qualified for, with that kind of starting pay?  Here is a quote from a Google Chrome on-line search made by Carol Luther as of March 26, 2018; "The president of the United States sets annual congressional salaries by executive order. Newly elected Members of Congress in both chambers receive the same salary. In 2018, this salary is $174,000 This amount is also the 2018 salary for all U.S. Congress members except those in leadership positions. The Speaker of the House of Representatives receives a salary of $223,500, while all other leadership positions pay $193,400. This includes the majority and minority leaders of both chambers and the Senate president."

Meanwhile, We The People, back in the "several states", are exceeding lucky if we ever come anywhere near a $100,000 yearly salary.  Even $50,000 would be the exception, not the rule for Joe and Jane average working-class citizen.

Then, lets get into the retirement "Social Security" scenario most of us poor fools paid into the majority of our lives.  If, by some unlucky coincidence, you happen to be one of we poor fools, stuck in our "Golden Years" without a voice, our monthly pay deviates wildly and uncontrollably, anywhere from $700 - $1180 - $2366.  Which tells anyone of you readers who is even average with math - nothing going on "Golden" here.  When your average "low-ball" weekly bring-home pay was $700, just try living on $700 for an entire month!

While our elected officials can serve one elected term - 6 years for senators - 4 years for representatives and retire at 1/2 their yearly pay!  What is right about that?  NOT ONE DAMN THING.  But then, who makes and votes on all the laws?  They do of course! 

People - its waaaay past time for a broad, sweeping change, across the board!

For decades the gov has operated on the claim that everyone is a citizen via the 14th amendment. This is important to understand because such people have no rights secured by any state constitution, none by the federal bill of rights and very few rights generally- and those few have even been converted to mere privileges.

This can only be done under occupation. The only question is: who is the occupying force.  The United States military flag in all courts might provide an answer.


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