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According to the Declaration of Independence humans were endowed by their Creator the right to life, liberty and right to pursue happiness. We also were born with a set of responsibilities.

As parents we have a responsibility to feed, clothe and educate our children. We are responsible to teach them how to think critically in order to solve problems.

Learning is  a natural process. Children learn to walk and talk without assistance of the government. When the government assumes the responsibility of parents, the children are collectively programmed to think and act in a prescribed way.

In government schools children are not being taught how to think and solve problems, they are taught what to think to be productive members of society.

Instead of promoting creativity our schools teach children to be color inside of the lines. In government schools children and rewarded for doing what they are told and punished for questioning authority. 

The purpose of government schools is to create future generations of robots incapable of independentt thought,

The people in the United States are enslaving their children and their grand children with debt.  When someone goes into debt, they become the slaves of their creditor.  According to John Adams, there are only two ways to enslave a nation; one is with the sword and the other is by debt.

Daniel Webster once said "That our nation will never be conquered from a foreign power.  If it falls, it will be from within." In other words the debt and corruption is a far greater threat to our security than weapons of mass destruction and foreign terrorists.  The ignorance and the apathy of the American people is necessary for those that seek to control the American people and their assets.

Spending money that we don't have on programs that we don't need is insanity.  Eventually, the burden to debt will destroy our nation and we will become debt slaves in the land that once was free.

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