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In the 1930s, both the United States and Britain refrained from targeting civilians in wartime bombings regarding such actions as savage and ruthless. ��Indeed, before the war began, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made a parliamentary speech declaring that it was “against international law to bomb civilians as such and to make deliberate attacks on the civilian population.”� The American State Department made a similar statement in 1937 condemning the Japanese bombing of Chinese cities, “Any general bombing of an extensive area wherein there resides a large population engaged in peaceful pursuits is unwarranted and contrary to the principles of law and humanity.”� �President Franklin Roosevelt spoke to the issue as well calling civilian bombing “inhuman barbarism.”�

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Testimony of an American prison guard
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And we wonder why we are over run by this tyranny in place?  God will bless those soldiers who would give of their food to some of these staving German POW's. Not all of the history of those camps was given.

I don't know, this rampage on Eisenhower seems a stretch.

There us a lot of evidence that the claims are true. Don't assume anything, study the evidence and draw your own conclusions. Do you think the government is capable to telling lies and misrepresenting the truth?

I think lies are told by all sides.  I would like to see original sources, as my father attended some of the death camps after WWII.  His stories don't match this.  Could my father be a liar, perhaps, but I know with great certainty, my Dad suffered from post-traumatic stress from his experiences during and after the war.  I witnessed that all my growing up years.

Without original sourcing, I am skeptical, NOT a Pollyanna, but one who lived (for 20 years)with my Dad  who was stationed in post WWII Europe.

Thank you for your  comment. 

Laura and all else paying attention.  I too was not happy with the truths that I've found in these past few years.  Your father no doubt attended camps after WWII and there were a lot of deaths, but I believe that they were not death camps as promoted by the media.

The second video presented above even explains it all.  Due to a war torn Europe and especially Germany being attacked by all sides, those in the camps were starving to death due to supply lines being destroyed by the Allies.  That included the Germans running the camps.  This should not be too hard to understand in light of the conditions.

There is much more to say regarding this subject but I would like you to dig deeper for a full understanding of what has happened.  First of all, you must become aware of the Balfour Declaration done during WWI.  That Declaration was a guarantee to bring the United States of America into the war.  World Jewry guaranteed Britain that they could get the USA into the war if they were guaranteed Palestine at the end.  This is easily found online.

Furthermore, Germany did not start WWII.  It was World Jewry that declared war on Germany in 1933.  You can easily find the front page of the New York Times where it was declared.

Without getting anymore detailed I will offer you these links to listen to and study yourself.  They are well documented.

1)  Eisenhower Death Camps -

2)  Hellstorm -

3) Watch the Greatest Story NEVER told.  It's well worth the time you spend.

4) Finally...listen to Mein Kampf, 1)  Listen to Mein Kampf, You know, that evil book we're told is evil but did you ever read it?  You can now listen to it and judge it on your own.  Pay attention to the similarities of what we're experiencing today and who is in control.

This will be hard to take.  Cognitive Dissonance will affect you greatly, but you must persevere and learn truth.

God love you and all paying attention.

Nasty truths and forbidden knowledge. My question is will this open up more dialog or will it  create more walls. People we are close to a Bad happening and if we dont come together many bad things are going to happen . We are on an economic cliff brought on by The Rothschilds Vatican Houseof Saud andHouse of Windsor.

Yes, I definitely do. But this sounds a great deal like anti-Semitism  which is at a new high recently.

Valerie, you must first understand what a Semite is before making decisions.  Why don't you start your research there finding out what a Semite is.  You'll find it includes most Middle Eastern races.  Anti-Semite was adopted by the so-called Jews to label anyone who would question them.  Welcome to the Matrix.

the truth will set your mind free to think directly not laterally.

I too believe that the left has been changing history trying to cause more trouble for the Jewish people. Wants sad is that this site airs the crap causing more hatred toward Jewish people. Taking pictures and adding a voice saying what ever the communist want said to cause more divid in our country and the church and the Jewish people. Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

I would need far more than what is offered here to believe what I am reading. It is anti Semitism  on its face.  It seems odd that none of this was leaked until now. Just a bit much.


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