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In the 1930s, both the United States and Britain refrained from targeting civilians in wartime bombings regarding such actions as savage and ruthless. ��Indeed, before the war began, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made a parliamentary speech declaring that it was “against international law to bomb civilians as such and to make deliberate attacks on the civilian population.”� The American State Department made a similar statement in 1937 condemning the Japanese bombing of Chinese cities, “Any general bombing of an extensive area wherein there resides a large population engaged in peaceful pursuits is unwarranted and contrary to the principles of law and humanity.”� �President Franklin Roosevelt spoke to the issue as well calling civilian bombing “inhuman barbarism.”�

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I just find it hard to believe this post as being real. I've seen read and heard from veterans of that time and heard many of there expearences and have Never heard this before. I find it hard that the American soldiers would have ever done these things. Even harder to believe it happened from a generation that still had faith in a Creator. I think it's hard to read any more post on this site, it seems they too have sold out for Lies and the hatred toward the Jewish people.

I do remember reading that Gen. Eisenhower, upon entering of Germany's concentration camps, instructed his photographer to take pictures of the camp, the survivors and the remnants of humanity left. He said something like "take pictures because they'll never believe this."

Skip, if you refuse to investigate it, then yes, you will not be able to believe a bit of it.  It's called Cognitive Dissonance.  I believe our soldiers still believed in the Creator, but the other side won.

Just look at the state of being today.  That should explain it all.

Soros is a Jew and colaborated with the Gemans visit his role in the discrimination of his people. this world right now is being controlled by the cabal Rothschilds who are Ashkenazi Jews  who now control the nation Israel., as well as the worlds money through the IMF this is not my tribe of Judah who mostly live in the US now but that part which were the money changers. In  France and in Germany Eisenhower controlled the Pow camps.  actully Keith there is more information out there in the national archives.


That's because the so-called Semites own and run the media and have for years.  Read or listen to Mein Kampf and you will hear the same complaints by Adolf.  Nothing new here.  We've just been lied to by the same people.

The Left you propose is highly rooted in Communism and Socialism.  The so-called Jews or rather Zionists were the original bolsheviks Communists.  Very well documented.

They are the Ashkinazi jews and they were the most fearome of Fighters for they  kept the mongolians out of  Russia.werent they also the makers of the Talmud?

There was a prison camp in Oklahoma.  How do I know this to be true?

My Dad was stationed there to guard them.  They were fed; and could take showers.

I have no knowledge of the above.  I only know from my Dad's experiences with them here in the states.

Revealing of past would be a teaching to help other to learn from the past, not the way to reach the solution of the present problems 

Ajay man has a problem history has shewn us that  Man  has no way to defend against his own ego and thus narcissism always controls the thoughts and the narative of every nayion man has built. for the comon man who has no thoughts but to work and supply his family with their needs is always fair game to those who seek power, not for the people but for themselves and until man  can generate that power which allows him to reach above his past weaknesses this story will be told again and told again .   Remember this.   One of the strangest phenomena of our time, and one that will probably be a matter of astonishment to our descendants, is the doctrine which is founded upon this triple hypothesis: the radical passiveness of mankind>  the omnipotence of the law > the infallibility of the legislator: this is the sacred symbol of the people who proclaim themselves as exclusively democratic

Thanks Sir ! Lot of thanks for revealing the true facts of human nature.

google has removed alot of research that was done. My uncle Isaac Fox  he and others fed  prisoners in the US Gulags in France ii beleive so i went to the  archives in 2008 i believe i put a story in the other site keith. i cant find any info here but i know i put it somewhere.. the reason why i never  got serious is because i couldnt find my uncles name as one of the guards. And a child of 10 to now 60 years later has  a few gaps.   ill ask one of my people if they can help me. I liked Ike this never changed my thoughts on him but it made me weary of this government i hold today. Funny  how history becomes fluid after time. Like i told Ajay we the people are the last to know.


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