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In the 1930s, both the United States and Britain refrained from targeting civilians in wartime bombings regarding such actions as savage and ruthless. ��Indeed, before the war began, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain made a parliamentary speech declaring that it was “against international law to bomb civilians as such and to make deliberate attacks on the civilian population.”� The American State Department made a similar statement in 1937 condemning the Japanese bombing of Chinese cities, “Any general bombing of an extensive area wherein there resides a large population engaged in peaceful pursuits is unwarranted and contrary to the principles of law and humanity.”� �President Franklin Roosevelt spoke to the issue as well calling civilian bombing “inhuman barbarism.”�

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Testimony of an American prison guard
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they used to clutter Google but isee that google cleaned  up that mess./

Well there you have it folks, the mighty omnipotent German army, once the proud goose-stepping barbarians who violated international law finds itself at the mercy of the Allies! Funny how the table is turned on them and now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Don't think for a moment these educated barbarians were not aware of the atrocities that were meted out against their former enemies particularly the Russians and Poles. My mind flows but my heart is fixed and hard against a once civilized nation that overnight became one of the most savage armies of the world. Germany knew, yes knew that when their Fuhrer authorized the annexation of Czechoslovakia, marched into the Rhineland and then went on to invade Poland. I have no pity for you at all. Do not attempt to put your head on my shoulder for comfort you beast. Don't contemplate on the asinine and patently absurd argument that world Jewry prompted Germany into war. If you do, you must be on medication or had one too many bottles of alcohol. Dry you tears and go on with your wretched lives. Hail Caesar!

Karma can be Hell!


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