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Contrary to what we have been taught the United States is not one nation, it is a union of 50 independent and sovereign states. 

Every four years each ot the states holds a Presidentail election The voters in each of the states choose the candidate that they want to serve as the next President.

Each state is assigned have one Presidential Elector for each of their states total Congressional Representative. Since we have 435 members in the House of Representatives plus 100  and 3 representatives from the District of Columbia, there are a total of 538 electoral votes. 

If we had only one election instead of fifty, the people living in the small states would be completely dominated by the people living in the large states. If the majority of voters in the 15 states with the largest populations voted for the same candidate,, they would deliver 270 electoral votes and even if all of the people in the remaining 35 sttetes voted for the other candidate, the voice of candidate preferred by the large states would be elected.I

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The voters in 30 states voted for Trump and the voters in 20 states voted for Hillary Clinton.

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