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I bring this to your attention; do with it what you will. I would say it's time to do something, eh? No more blogging, talking or writing to COME UP WITH a solution. Steven Duane House of Curry and many others have done that for us already. And I'm sure I speak for Leonard Frank House of Harview as well when I say;

Enough is Enough!

So, check this out:


As you can see once again Leonard...CRICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was just YOU AND ME as usual!!!

These spineless people who dare to call themselves American Patriots...are nothing more than a bunch of SPINELESS COWARDS who are too busy EITHER whining on their safe keyboards about the DIRE state of our Republic...or they are doing what they do best....MINDLESS....ENDLESS CHRISTMAS SHOPPING ....

Now I ask you....if you were God Himself...looking down at the waste of space down here posing as caring human beings....Would you help restore this Nation? Or would you pull another Sodom & Gamorrah?

Seriously...I am so done with this shit...LOCK AND LOAD Leonard....That's all we have left because these so called American Patriots are no different than the Jews who lined up for their own DEATHS!!!!!!

Quite honestly...People who did NOT answer their Nation's call....DESERVE WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO GET!!!  This is my last post as well...I am out of this...AND ALL OTHER "KEYBOARD WARRIOR"  BULLSHIT SITES...INCLUDING FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!"

Alicia, House of Lutz-Rolow

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Eric, okiedon38@gmail.com I hear 'ya.
Legal and lawful ARE NOT IN THE
1789 Constitution for the United States of America.
E-mail me and I will send you the 1789 Constitution for the United States of America in PDF searchable form.


That's too bad , your voice is what keeps a lot of us less confident souls engaged even if only as spectators .If your talking about revolution and killing ; I'd say your playing right into their hands . In many ways I feel the same and I always thought the best way to cripple these bastards was to prosecute them , but just didn't know how to go about it .

Well , it's been great to read your stuff , good luck and via con dios .

I agree with Alicia.  I have known Alicia for a long time and we fought together against the tyranny in CA for many years from 2009 to 20ll and then I moved to OR to start the fight against tyranny here.  Alicia and I keep in close contact and try to keep each other going as best we can in this fight for our freedoms and as always there are only a few who will do all the work.  There are III% groups and Oath Keeper groups and Tea Party groups and a lot of infighting and egos in these groups.  They are not uniting the Patriots they are dividing them.  Unless we can come together as American Patriots nothing more, nothing less, we will all fall into the One World Govt abyss.  Alicia is very passionate about saving this nation and tired of seeing people do nothing but talk about how brave they will be when they come for our guns....with the TPP, the UN Safe City Global Police Force, NDAA, The Patriot Act, Obamacare, we have not much left as far as freedom..we still have our guns and each other if we unite!!!.

well Alicia what do you propose "we" do right now? Yes I am on the keyboard every night..promoting meetings for the city council to fight Agenda 21 in several cities...fighting illegal immigration and organizing rallies...and much more..I am a Patriot and not a spineless one...


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