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California Congressional Districts Average 702,000 Rhode Island Congressional Districts Average 526,000

If California and Rhode Island were equally represented California would have 70 Representatives instead of just 53

When compared with Rhode Island, California has 9,375,965 people that are not being counted.

Do you believe that everyone should be treated equally under the law? In the Declaration of Independence the signers agreed that all men were created equal and they had certain rights granted to them by the Creator.

If you agree with them, no man or woman in the United States should have privileges and immunities that are not shared by all. If one group of individuals is given preferential treatment, not all men and women are equal.

The members of the teacher's unions enjoy special privileges not enjoyed by the vast majority of the people. They have a pension plan which pays up to 90% of their final compensation, while the rest of us receive social security checks representing less than 50% of our final compensation,

Why shouldn't everyone be treated the same. If social security is good enough for you and me, why shouldn't it be good enough for school teachers and other government employees?

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If it's good enough for me then it's good enough for all, at least in theory, but all one has to do to come up with why it is the way it is really quite simple, GREED. GREED by the Banksters, and WallStreeters, GREED of the military/industrial complex. GREED by power hungry politico's, GREED by the SEIU union and other Union bosses, GREED as far as the eye can see.

It is the way it is because we actually let these "so called public servants" dictate their terms of employment to US, their masters. They have, in the case of elected officials and bureaucrats, forgotten the terms of their employment contract called the United States Constitution. They volunteered for their jobs, no one twisted their arms to take their oaths of office. They did this of their own free will, and the reason so many have reached into the public trough is because we as a nation have turned the other creek and said you have our blessings to feed from the hand that you took an oath to serve US, the People. See the following for the details of how we let this happen.

It's a long read, but accurate as hell.

It goes even further than that. The Civil Rights legislation passed in '60's did NOT give or protect any "civil" rights for majority of Americans, white people--it was specifically designed to favor minorities just as "affirmative action" is.  The feminists tried to get the  ERA--"Equal Rights Amendment" passed to specifically give them rights they don't seem to think they already have, in reality it was all about forcing acceptance of lesbians and the gay community who are now pushing for their own "equal rights"--which in reality constitutes "special consideration"--how is that "equal"?  The GAY marriage "equal protections" we continue to see courts use to justify gay marriage despite every state that voted on those rights TURNED THEM DOWN, is another "special consideration" being touted to justify it. When STATES BAR polygamy, parents marrying children, cousins marrying cousins, cousins marrying aunts and uncles--aren't those LIMITATIONS ON MARRIAGE enacted by STATES AND THE PEOPLE??  On WHAT basis do courts decide that STATES and the people CAN'T prohibit gay marriages when prohibition of those marriage types listed above are considered legal and Constitutional?  The same premise goes to "hate crimes"--giving "special consideration" to victims of "hate crimes" over the acts of the guilty--at what point does the STATE have the right to decide that one victim of crime deserves "special consideration" over an act committed against them based on a bias or prejudice, rather than a victim of crime that could be even more violent or deadly but doesn't receive that same special consideration because the crime was NOT committed based on race, gender, sex, etc...a bias being involved in cause of that crime?  This is because our court system has gone OUTSIDE the rules of the Constitution and intent of laws already established for punishment and has made some groups, some races "special" in the eyes of the system over that of others--once down that road--it's always some group, special interest that will seek 'special status' over all others--that in itself is BIAS on behalf of the judicial system.

Yes your right, the issue was carefully addressed by the founders by their attempts to create an provision in the Constitution to establish an equality clause in the U.S. Constitution and then the several States constitutions added the same clause to each of the several States own Constitutions.

All was well and good for awhile, but that time has long since passed. 

But then in came the lawyers representing the "special interests groups" which included the lawyers them selves and the corrupt Judges who granted them selves Judicial immunity, and there by established a special interest group called the BAR which of course was an import from Britain, and the British have never really stopped their infiltration of our own American Common law court system.

This is evident to this day.

Make no mistake, the British system of law has never been driven out of our courts. It infests our courts to this day with no end in sight.

Unions were originally formed to prevent monopolies from exploiting the workers. They served a very useful purpose. The government is supposed to protect the people against the abuse of power by corporations and unions. The government is a monopoly and the union created for benefit of government employees give them benefits not enjoyed by non governmental employees.

Government employees are paid considerable more and lucrative benefits and pensions than non governmental workers.

On November 7, 2014 I filed the attached Affidavit of Disqualification to the Ohio Supreme Court because of the hatred, bias and prejudice my parents and I have endured in the Logan County Ohio judicial branch and their bodyguards who decided my parents life long fruits of their labor belongs to them. (SEE ATTACHED PDF)

Since my Mother's murder Nov. 24, 2006 I have tried to get guardianship of my Dad who was mentally impaired from dementia and save him from the abuse and theft by the syndicated government criminal cartel......

There is no justice for those who do not OWN the people wearing the costumes, badges and guns. 

There is going to be account hearings on Friday Nov 14, 2014 over the attached actions I filed. Do you see a problem and would you call it concealing and embezzling with the financial statements I have as exhibits which can easily be confirmed today?

I am expecting to have the swat team waiting on me but this time I am not going. I will refuse and they will have to shoot me. 

I am looking for anyone who can attend this hearing because their needs to be witnesses. BTW if they claim I committed a crime it is because they want me away from my Dad so they can keep the bank accounts and nobody will pursue them charged with the crimes they committed. They are claiming the relationship God gave me with my Dad is trespassing. That is it in a nutshell.


If they do take me and I become their next victim elder kidnapping I now have a heart implant and on medicine for the rest of my life from the CHF I had this summer STRICTLY because of them and trust me they will not care if I don't have it. I have heart tests scheduled for Nov 20 and I will refuse to have them take me to the appointments. They are the ones who should be in prison for the inhumane crimes they have committed. 

I have attached the other actions I submitted to further prove the hatred these agents perform on behalf of their baal gods. 


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