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I am ashamed to even be an American because it links me to all of these worthless American IDIOTS  directly...who dare to call themselves PATRIOTS!!! AS IF!!!!!!!

The world is watching these MORONS and they are in disbelief that the Heroes of Iceland...only 300,000 total in that little country...can stand up UNITED AS ONE FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH....AND THEY HAVE THE COURAGE and TENACITY to do so....WITHOUT HAVING ANY GUNS!!!  WTF!!!!  Here the land of the COWARD KEYBOARD WARRIORS... We The People have the freakin guns...and STILL have nothing but piss all over our pants from FEAR!!!!!!!!!!   How pathetic is that....I am soooooooooooo sick of these assholes that don't even deserve to live in America...because they don't even have the GUTS to STAND UP and DEFEND HER....and what sickens me the that all of these keyboard ...tough talking...dumbasses will no doubt be riding the coat tails of those of us that don't just TALK THE TALK...BUT WALK IT...I HATE THEM...AND I HATE THIS BULLSHIT ...AND I AM THE F**K OUT OF HERE...AND EVERY OTHER BULLSHIT KEYBOARD SITE AS WELL... I am done with these LOSERS....and by the way....THESE COMMENTS IN MY RANT DOES NOT INCLUDE Keith you and I personally KNOW that Keith WALKS THE WALK....He was with us at Bundy Ranch STANDOFF...and wanted to go with us to the FRONT LINES OF WEST VIRGINIA....I am honored to know you Keith...but I am OVER THESE STUPID ASS MOTHERF***ING SHEEPLE KEYBOARDING HERE ON YOUR SITE!!!!!!  Please forgive my rant Keith..but I am really ...really SICK OF THIS SHIT GOING ON IN OUR COUNTRY...THAT DOESN'T NEED TO BE ...and wouldn't be going on...and on...and on...if we would all grow the balls needed to STAND THE F**K UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!

In Solidarity & Freedom


TRUE American Patriot that WALKS THE MOTHERF***ING WALK!!!!!!


We are all talking about the same thing. Ours is a gov't of the people, so we're in charge, so WE dropped the ball.

Now it's time to pick it up and run. But pardon me leonard if I have my own battles going on. My Father is 78 and dying soon of Stage 4/5 cancer.

I am tied up in a must finish project with a definite time line or people will lose big money, I'm trying to build my own transportation, be Editor/WebMaster of this site and fight my OWN City Hall, (hearing on the 17th), notify my own Sheriff, call my Reps and attend my Town hall meetings and filing my own lawful notices, etc, while my Dad dies, 1500 miles away.

Give ME a break on W. Va.

BTW, Oleg was only pointing out that the government is doing exactly what WE allow them to do, that's all.

Oleg, Again, WTF are you going to do about it besides keyboard tap?  Are you all getting the picture yet?  I am so out of here!

Leonard, in Iceland most people know each other (as in more friends than strangers), so they have that very key advantage of quick organization. The founders created a more universal approach, I posted it here...

Wow!  That is quite a collection of gut wrenching information!  Hard to believe I've seen a great majority of these!  The change that needs to happen outside of us must happen within us.  As our hearts are purified, so will become our outer world. 

Our world represents mankind's separation from the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God. Deliverance depends upon those awakened by those ancient self evident truths discussed and discovered by mediums like this. 

Keyboard warriors are spreading information that has been hidden. 

Keyboard warriors are changing hearts and minds. 

Social media is the heart of this dawning of a New American Century; where light and truth will once again rule. 

The only thing to do, is to get right with the heart and mind of our Creator and get aligned with the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.  

I'm a Christian Libertarian.  So I believe it is helpful to know Jesus and have some bible knowledge, in order to get in alignment with the laws of nature and of Nature's God.  But I know of many people who have embraced living truths and are living enlightened lives with no apparent bible knowledge.  But even in the new age circles, you see so much more floundering when not instructed in some basic biblical principles, namely the story of our Creation. 

Without the story of Creation being the basis of all truth - you have nothing. 

Look at all the horrific folly most people believe in!  They believe in extraterrestrials, they believe in zombies, they believe in demons - but reject the living truth that God created mankind in His image and likeness and created us male and female in his likeness. 

These are key truths. 

Focusing on all the evil of the world is not going to give you the heart and mind to do anything about it.  I think everyone would benefit from Bible study.  There's a power in knowing you are made in the image and likeness of God. Having some scripture will allow you to hold onto some elementary truths that will help you rise above this imploding world that is collapsing under its own weight of lies, confusion, corruption and deception. 

All else may collapse but with a little bible truth, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. 

You are correct Madame Yeisly,

And I would caution both Alicia and Leonard to remember that keyboard Warriors ARE changing Hearts and Minds and are a necessary part of any successful strategy for retrieval of our Republic. Thank You!

There are many that have fought and lost while learning a lot along the way but who, for any number of reasons, are no longer able to directly take the system on.  We can, however, share important knowledge about the system with those still able to engage in a direct fight.

There is one problem even for those such as myself. Although what I have learned is easy to verify, it goes so much against gov programming that most people are unable to accept the truth and are therefore unable to even state a valid claim in court of mount a valid defense when attacked by the communist controlled gov that has been engaged in a civil war against the American people for some time.

Amen Anna! History based on true facts is God's Word, literally and figuratively. To study such a history is to discover who we are, to reveal such a history is to honor our Creator ...properly delivered, history is more interesting than all novels combined, it's an ongoing and living people's memoir of the past, hence using natural intelligence history is a way of putting the puzzle together for our present and future ...the basic and founding pieces for history are of good, they're from the people (who first discovered that God is of love, thus the chosen) to the people, thus no individual has dominion ...being new to the world and from God, children need God, and thus history, more than anyone.


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