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There is no doubt about it. Obama commits crimes daily and the US Congress just sets on their butts. It has to stop or America is finished. 

How much more evidence do you need to convince you that our government is the greatest threat to our liberty and security?

Any number of numerous examples point to this premise as being all too true, let us take, for example the flood of illegal immigrants crossing our largely open Southern Border. Another example is the tact support of the United Nation's Agenda 21 that has been secreted into local government under the auspices of planning. Another further example that continues to be a very visible manifestation of this perception is the never ending efforts to disarm law abiding citizens with onerous efforts to restrict and discourage gun ownership by the undermining of the Second Amendment. While I could go on at much a greater extent however I believe I have made my point. This question encourages critical thinking and recognizes the current series of threats to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The reason the U.S. government is our enemy is because the U.S. government deemed all U.S. citizens as enemy combatants occupying conquered territory under marshal rule via the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933.  When such an unconscionable and totally unlawful action of a nation deems their own citizens as such is against international law and treaty law however, since the people of that time back in 1933 did not hang the perpetrator's from lamp posts such as the Federal Reserve personnel who drew up the act, FDR, the whole of congress who voted "YES", and the U.S. Supreme Court for allowing such to become law brings in a maxim of law: "silence is acquiescence". 

If the people were not so encumbered with cognitive dissonance and actually read the following paper by law professor, Melvin Stampler followed by actually and lawfully arming up and performing the tasks of doing what is to be done with those who deem us, the people as enemies, this whole shit and shebang would be over in a matter of days.

I think a very good example of this encumbered cognitive dissonance by even those here who are very active on this venue by not getting more involved with assistance in what I considered our last hope at attempting to restore the rule of law that was initiated by the three gentlemen from West Virginia. I am sick and fricken tired of the all talk, keyboard bravado, and continued posts of what dire straights we the people are in as opposed to actual actions and true attempts at remedy.  Yes, there's a reason I have been absent from this site and now you all know the reason.  I think the ones I am referring to here know who they are without mentioning names.  All I can say is the fact that I am extremely disappointed from every angle including the lack of action, lack of monetary assistance for those in the trenches, and most of all, the blatant lack of courage. "roll eyes"  

We have been engaged in a civil war since around 1900 when the gov started the move to classify state born and state naturalized whites as citizens of the United States [ fed gov via the 14th amendment ].  In the early 1950's the gov closed all constitutional [ common law ] courts and replaced them with statutory [ legislative branch ] courts.  These courts cannot see most constitutionally secured rights without legislative permission.

Around 1965 the legislatures stopped giving them permission to recognize most such rights. By 911 all such rights were converted to privileges.  As of 911 the gov declared war on all the non-white races by suspending even the right to due process as granted by the 14th amendment in most situations.

This war, which is clearly communist controlled, it universal in America. It starts with the controlled municipal corps thru the state legislature all the way thru congress - which are all controlled by the communist Bar Ass.

...and in 1787 the legislature replaced We The People.

In a very few words, you hit the nail on the head. The Constitution of the United States is for the benefit of the Government, while the Constitution for the United States was to protect the rights of the people from the government.

The Southern States recognized this some years later however the argument was postponed until a later, to be determined, date at Appomattox Court House. Many are awaiting a resumption of that argument. Meanwhile the onerous accusations involving the institution of slavery continues to cloud history and relevant factual details.

The state constitutions were created to protect the rights of the people.  The fed constitution only applies to the fed gov and those things under its direct control.

The fed gov has become the complete dominate gov body by an act of war against whites by pretending they, like non-whites, owe their citizenship to the creation of the 14th amendment.

Without the 14th, the fed gov would have no pretense of a right to impose its general laws upon any of the people of the states.

Keith,  Can you or anyone show me a document in law or at law with a title of:  "The Constitution of the United States"?  I can give all a hint.  It doesn't exist.  What this means is that all oaths of office subscribed to are fraud because such a document does not exist.  The big question I have for all is, WTF are we going to do about it?

The Constitution of the United States of America (corporate) exists as does The Constitution for the United States of America circa 1787.

Please explain how these treaties could expand the power of the gov over the people of the states and territories beyond those powers delegated in the different constitutions.  The SCt has stated that no such power exists.

People forget that constitutionally, non-whites have very few rights.  Today everyone is treated the same - even worse than what the 14th allows.  The only way that can happen is for the communists to take over the legal system and declare civil war upon all the people.

Bill, Check out Article VI, Clause 2 which specifies in part the following: ....all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the US., shall be the supreme law of the land......

Could it be any clearer that the Definitive Treaty of Peace of 1783 applies in a big, big way as part of the supreme law of the land?


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