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Many false flags...9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, Batman Movie Theater, Orlando Massacre, San Bernandino, CA. and more   A lot for an excuse to go to war, and some for taking away our Freedoms and Rights for so-called Security, and to disarm the American People.  They have been doing this for  a long, long time now.  Very good video here....I am going to share this one with FB friends.  Thanks.

I'd like to know who these supposedly concerned citizens are? Sounds like establishment to me.

Judge reads transcript no one dies till swat team enter the building in Orlando.

Another False flag.

-Mike C.

One would think that this alone would get someone in trouble, someone held accountable for what they are doing?  We saw the same crap in Oregon, 30 government officials in an ambush that was meant to kill many innocent people, God willing they only got to murder one, which was one too many.  Yet those involved walk free and the FBI says that they were legal in shooting a man with his hands in the air and shooting to kill!  No justice for LaVoy and there will be nothing done on this, unless someone in Congress starts to get off their butts and investigate what is happening.  I am so sick of this stuff and because they get by with it, it will continue.  A whole lot of government officials need to be taken down and put on trial.

It never ceases to amaze me. Whenever we have some national crisis, emergency, or attack within our country, there is usually a close relationship with some federal agency.

How interesting that JFK just signed an Executive Order and started printing lawful dollars and publicly threatened to expose the international banks, was murdered and a bank CEO was chosen to lead the investigation, while Johnson took back JFK's executive order for lawful money?

How about the BP oil well eruption, only to learn that a Halliburton crew (a Dick Cheney Corporation) had just inspected it days before. What a coincidence. During a World ecological emergency, donations of "oil skimmers" from several nations were turned away because they lacked proper paperwork. WTF???? Funny how recent drilling permits were shortly revoked by government agencies and followed by oil prices rising.

We mostly can witness any public shooting is followed by new gun control legislation.

The SandyHook shooting had a FEMA training meeting a few miles down the street, known to be "studying" the very emergency that really happened on that same day. Lanza was found to have commited suicide, AND THEN the suicide weapon discovered locked in the trunk of his car. Damn he's good! We still have no official death certificates for murders in the State that day. Hmmm, several kids died, but they didn't really. Has anyone witnessed the bodies? No bodies, no crime! I could go on, do a search, it's the most botched false flag in history. None of the official story can be proven, but many conspiracy explanations can be. Not to mention, the father was to testify to Congress in the near future. Hmmmm, what a coincidence.

The Colorado shooter, patsy, had ties to CIA psychological drug experiments and CIA ties to the local college, and the patsy suspect was hanging around the crime scene in a trance with no idea what took place while witnesses reported more than one shooter. Plus the experts who diffused his apartment booby traps reported that ONLY an expert could build something as sophisticated as what they found.

The Orlando shooting had agencies swiftly swooping-in and changing the reports. More irregularities are still developing as this latest one is still unfolding.

The most recent violent mass protests have a common theme. There is evidence showing protesters being advertised for, and when the press interviews them, the protesors cannot clearly voice why they are protesting. Can we label these false flags also?

How come the unending numbers of conspiracy theories keep discovering holes in the official reports?


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