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Feudalism is Gone But For Most of the People it is Still Futile

The Kings and Queens who ruled  Europe  in the Middle Ages were the owners of all of the land in their Kingdoms. In order to secure their position of power, the people were divided into social classes.

The Monarchs gave land to a class of nobles in exchange for their loyalty. The nobles then gave a portion of their land to a class of warriors known as Knights. The Knights owed their allegiance to the Lords of the Manor and had the responsibility to protect and defend the Lords of the Manor.

The Knights provided the peasants with parcels of land in exchange for a portion of all that the peasant was able to product. The Knights provided the peasants protection.

 owned all of the land. In order to purchase the loyalty of the aristocrats, the monarchs gave them parcels of land called manors.

The Lord of the Manor then provided each of the serfs with a parcel of land.  The serfs who provided the labor were requited to pay the Lord of the Manor a percentage of what he produced. 

The Feudal System divided the people into social classes. Those at the top of the pyramid enjoyed rights and privileges which were denied to the lower social classes.

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