The IRS is a privately owned Federally Chartered Corporation. The Internal Revenue Service is essentially a privately owned collection agency that has been hired by the Federal Government. The IRS is not a Federal Agency and the money that it collects goes directly in to their corporate account. The Grace Commission Report in 1984 revealed that none of the money collected by the IRS goes to the U.S. Treasury.

Rather than shutting down the IRS, why don't hire another agency to collect the taxes. Why not hire Burger King or Taco Bell?


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Why not eliminate income tax, repeal 16th amendment, fire IRS and FRS?  Back to our constitution - as it was intended by our founding fathers. Peace,


The money collected by the IRS does not fund our government! The money goes to the stockholders of the Federal Reserve and the IRS and to pay the so interest on the imaginary national debt. If Congress were to defund the IRS it would cease to exist. Congress is paying the funding the IRS to steal money from the people.

The IRS is nothing more then the rogue criminal collection agency for the Fed that hopefully will soon be history.


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