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First, the direction of the market in Entertainment and Media.  From TVTechnology 

Read the articles at the link above.  People have become accustomed to choosing but the choices offered are not real.  Now, we will give them much more important choices to make.  Consider the game, Fortnite.  Fortnite cleared $3B in profits its first year. The amount people were willing to spend, speaks loudly.  Fortnite is entertainment that is being used to satisfy the frustrations we are encountering every day in the world around us.  People are desperate to feel the power of choice.  The graph below makes the trajectory obvious.  Instead of choices and action in a fantasy world, together, we will give people the power to choose in their own lives.  

The graph below appeared in 

Freedom Interactive TV has everything you expect and what you went looking for with Talk Radio, the Internet, and Protest-Petition activism.  Think Real Solutions, Free-Market, based in community.  

​Armies and violence is unnecessary when people can use the power of their choices to win through to freedom.  We do not need ideologies when the choices are clearly a matter of economic survival, which is now the case as America's economy faces a slide into third world status.  

We have already designed lots of shows to use the 27 templates for Interaction.  People did not suddenly become accustomed to choosing but now they are ready.

Imagine a show, NoMoRepo, which slams the door on repossession of a car which is not financed with %PAYE, but now is.  RepoMan drives away in his truck cursing and frustrated.  We will do the same with Storage Wars.  The shift to a new economy, one which is stable, will be stunning.  

You will be able to go online and convert your mortgage to %PAYE so you can recover from months of unemployment and have time to find the solutions which work for you.  Small businesses were once the norm; we can make it so again.  

At one time, an individual can ensure they do not lose their home, vehicle, stored property, moving their recurring payments from Rigid Installment Payments, now the norm, to the original payment tool which built America's economic stability, providing for the erratic nature of our individual lives.  

Instead of limiting yourself think about using the tool of Interactive to solve other problems which have nearly destroyed us.  

Churches and other organizations we trust can start mutual insurance companies so, together, we can have health insurance using %PAYE which will accept pre-existing conditions and allow you to choose what you want, never limiting your medical choices.  You, the buyer and member, review the service you received to help others make the best choice for themselves. 

Interactive TV is the way out of the burning building. Substitute the image of the largest Town Hall Forum imaginable. Freedom Interactive TV is the long-needed tool for justice, prosperity and a renewed Earth which can bring all people together by letting everyone speak and choose what is best for them.

Are you ready to:

  • listen,
  • speak,
  • consider,
  • dialog and connect your personal media with mass media,
  • share ideas,
  • express reservations,
  • experience insights,
  • explore the possible,
  • laugh from the gut,
  • cry deep from your heart, 
  • learn from each other,
  • improve half-baked ideas to fully functional, and
  • learn from the experience?

From real communication, respect is nurtured; trust is built, and the world changes.

Imagine; a sustainable, humane economy for all of us.  

That is what we mean by Interactive TV.  Join us so Peace, Prosperity & Freedom​ can happen!

Interested?  Sign on and learn more.

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I actually got started already Melinda,

I polished up your piece a little. Thought you might like the improvements. Standard stuff, nothing fancy.


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