Founding a Natural Law Community and Militia Training Base - Putting Action to Words

For years now, I have been writing on the restoration of freedom for not just Americans, but the People of the world. I have identified the main psychopaths and their families, proposed multiple plans and strategies, and railed against the apathetic hypocrites and their inaction.
I am now attempting to move to the next phase of my mission, which is to establish a Natural Law Community and training facilities for the Natural Law Militia in the great Montana Republic.
Putting myself into a state of destitution created hardship but also allowed me the freedom to write the articles you see in this blog as well as Facebook and other social sites to a lessor degree. But now it is time to put action to the words and I cannot accomplish what must be done without help.
I have put a link to a fund-raiser on this blog that I hope will raise enough to acquire acreage in Montana to begin forming a community under the principles of Natural Law... but first, a Natural Law Militia that will defend the new community must be raised and trained for the community to have any chance of surviving the oligarch's attempts to destroy it, along with the example it will set for the world.
The amount I'm shooting for at this time is $150k, as I have learned of 164 acres of land that borders National Forest next to excellent fishing and hunting, with all the resources necessary to make the community possible. It will also be an excellent location to train Militia and set up a secure perimeter for defense.
The community will be operated under the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, as the Second Continental Congress established for American government in the Declaration of Independence, with the prime directive being "do no harm". The ONLY purpose of the Natural Law Militia will be to defend the Natural Rights of the People in the community from any threat, natural or man-made.
I encourage everyone that has dreamed of such a place to help make it possible. It has been my life mission to get to this place and I will love to see it come to fruition; but I am far from rich and need help to make this movement possible.
This will be one of the first of such communities; it is my prayer that many more will be formed and defended as the result of this one. Let us set an example for the world to follow and stop following the psychopaths that are working towards our destruction, by forming a new paradigm by our actions.
Live free or die in the effort...
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