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 On March 25, 1788 James Madison proposed 17 potential amendments to the Constitution, Two thirds of the members of both the House and the Senate voted to submit 12 of the amendments to the states for their consideration.

At this time there were 15 states and for a proposed amendment to be ratified 3/4's or 12 states were needed to ratify the amendment. The First and Second proposed amendments were not ratified by the states, but the third thru the twelfth amendment were ratified and came to be known as the Bill of Rights.

 The originally proposed First Amendment dealt with Congressional apportionment and was successfully ratified by 11 states.

The originally proposed Second Amendment prohibited House of Representatives  from giving themselves a pay raise until after the next election. In 1982 a student from the University of Texas began contacting the state legislatures and in 1992 Michigan became the 38th state to ratify the originally proposed Second Amendment and it became the Constitution's 27th Amendment.

Today we can reduce the size of our Congressional Districts by getting 27 more state legislatures to vote for its ratification.

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Let me say that AmericaAgain! is a full-spectrum SOLUTION. It demands, before and above all else, your PARTICIPATION.

If you come on the call to rehash the PROBLEM -- whether it is the bankers, the lawyers, the FED, or political corruption - you are on the wrong call.

If everyone whines, curls up in a corner, and says all is lost -- then all is indeed lost. Tasks are completed by responsible human beings, Tasks are avoided by irresponsible ones. Regardless how you reframe the PROBLEM, you are bringing nothing to the table. Regardless how little you think you can bring, if you are working with us on the SOLUTION, you are now taking responsibility as an American.

As Henry Ford put it: "The man who says "I can" and the man who says "I can't" are both right."

Thanks for listening.


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