Welcome to the Constitution Club

This website was created to educate and enlighten the American people. We as a nation, have become enslaved by virtue of our collective ignorance and apathy.

God gave each of us the capacity to think for ourselves. Those who believe everything they hear and do whatever they are told cannot enjoy the blessings of liberty.

Benjamin Franklin once stated that it is our responsibility to question authority. Thomas Jefferson admonished us to even question the existence of God.

People become slaves when they blindly obey their rulers and the purpose of this website is to motivate our members to always to do what is morally correct.

The goal of the administrators of this website is to get each of you to open your eyes and question many of the things you have been taught by the Public School system financed ultimately by the financial establishment.

Our goal is to get each of our members to think for themselves as individuals and to refuse to "comply" with unjust laws and unconstitutional codes, ordinances and statutes.

To restore the principles upon which this nation was founded we need to educate ourselves on how to secure our liberty and invite our friends to do the same.

We have almost 4,000 members If every member invited two or three friends to join the website we could have over 10,000 members in a very short time.

Please go to http://constitutionclub.ning.com/main/invitation/new?xg_source=tab and invite your friends to join the Constitution Club.

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