According to my great grandparents, that homesteaded in Tonka Valley, Texas back in the early 1800s, the native Americans must have also thought that livestock was a gift from the creator, as they came in groups of six or eight, in the dark of night and harvested what they could, prior to being driven away by gunfire.

Our government, back then... was not kind to those that refused to share our creator's abundance and our ancestors were more into their own survival, than sympathy for those that chose to live in nomadic tribes.

Progressives had not yet discovered how to depose the Tsar of Russia, thus our "National Conscious" had not yet been tamed. I'm not sure that mission will ever be complete.

But they have come much further than most of us realize and I am thankful for the spot light that this site shines on the corrupt measures used against us, disguised as "Correctness"!

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