This article doesn't look like much on it's face but Click Here and check out a few pages of this 285 page book by Melvin Stamper.

"This book is a veritable powerhouse that shatters, in one instant, the wall of lies and deceit that took decades to build upon our impressionable minds. Stamper's ability to explain complex legal and political information in a comprehensive yet concise manner is without equal. Like a master sculptor he has chipped away the 'Words of Art and Deception' to reveal the inescapable and undeniable Truth. This book has single-handedly bared the cleverly crafted schemes of a Power-lusting Elite." Paul Nash, DC, ND, CCN, ACU, Holistic Medicine, Minneapolis "If only a portion of what this researcher has discovered is verifiable, we as a nation of free people must hang our heads in shame. The future generations will not forgive us or forget the terrible injustice we have let befall them." Fred Diaulas, Professor of Ethics, University of North Florida "In 1954 I began my legal practice as an assistant district attorney in the city of Miami. We switched from common law pleading to statutory pleading and no one asked why. Now I know the answer, and it depresses me to no end." Ralph G. Mitchell, JD, Attorney at Law, St. Augustine, Florida."

A Marine aviator in Vietnam, Boeing engineer, Chicago police officer, and chief of police turned lawyer and law professor, Mel has pursued the law from many legal, scientific and historical perspectives in order to uncover the Truth! Mel now travels the country teaching law to non-lawyers.

Check out what he's got to say.

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Thanks Mort , I just ordered the book .

where is a bio on this guy? I see everything except the key point is he still a member of the BAR.

there was a video earlier about Vince Foster..I was watching it and got interrupted..and now I can't find it..can you tell me where to go to see the rest of was on this webpage...along with another video involving Clinton..


Sure Dede,

Here is the link to it. It's called The Clinton Body Count.

And for future reference, I'm sure if you simply do a search in your email for some of the key words in the article you could find the initial broadcast that was sent to you. Example - "Clinton body count", or "Vince Foster affair". That should work. It was only posted yesterday, so is likely still on the first page of your email server.

I bought this book Fruit From a Poisonous Tree.
I liked it a lot and very much history and truths uncovered.

The only disappointment is it speaks of remedy and recourse but it shows or tells nothing on that process.

It references a lot about government forms but not the exact form?

It speaks a lot about the wrong but hardly nothing about how to make it right.

Anyone can write a book and it can be fictional or true but if this is all to be very believable and want to educate "We The People"  then provide Remedy and not just say it's there.  That remedy itself needs to be explained in detail just as much as the wrong we all seem to be aware of.

Thank you


Mike C.

I would say only this Mike,

Try referencing - The Great IRS Hoax - and for forms and check out what John D. Van Hove aka Jonny Liberty has produced in terms of solutions and forms.

Also it's worth noting that virtually all of your forms are going to include the same kinds of whereas, prime facie, notice this and therefore that type language and that because of this repetitious nature, so must also be designed or tweeked to the situation too sometimes. It's a cut and paste beginning and a custom finish type of thing.

Hope that helps. You can see some of mine if you like. Or check THIS out!


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