Fully Informed Juries

of the People

Full Informed Juries of 12 to 23 people of the same town, gathered and ready, their Sheriff standing with them, ready to indict ANY AND ALL who we have "Probable  Cause" to suspect of violations of the rights of an American. This is Constitutional and Natural Law at work and is designed to bring to justice to those in seats of trust, who are standing in direct conflict with everything we stand for.

We must not expect that to work however. They will not go without a fight. Their choice, not ours. It was "They" who declared War on "Us"; so:

We know two things.

  1. We are in an upside-down world and when that happens, we must look at everything "they " say as being the exact opposite of what it sounds like. We must not be fooled into believing their "Dialectic" for they are nothing more than lies.
  2. We must do a serious Paradigm shift; an epiphany is required. We must right "The Ship Constitution".

Isn't that what The Constitution says? And I quote:

Article VI, Clause 2

"This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding."

We must stop the law of the sea from being foisted upon us in place of jurisprudence and "The Law of The LAND", stop the Pirates who are stealing from us and return America to this very old concept. There is only one way now.

Revolt! Refuse! Remove!


  • Take your money out of the bank; ALL banks. Buy SILVER!
  • Take your children out of the State run Indoctrination centers. They are not teaching them anything except how to be good little robots.
  • Take your LAND back from the tax man. It's YOUR LAND!
  • Take your car back and refuse their "motor vehicle" plates. It's YOUR CAR!
  • Take back your "Right to Travel", unencumbered by government issued "licenses". Driving is a Profession!


  • Stop paying the IRS to rape you of your "Income". It's NOT INCOME! It's a direct and even trade EVERY TIME!
  • Stop allowing "withholding" by voluntary signature of your money. It's YOUR MONEY!
  • Stop volunteering to be labeled as an "employee". You are NOT!
  • Stop "Registering" to vote. It's a jurisdictional, "citizenship" TRAP! Your vote does not change a thing and you know it.
  • Stop "Registering" your gun. It's YOUR GUN!
  • Stop " Registering" your car. It's YOUR CAR! I know I said this twice, but it bears repeating. It's YOUR CAR!
  • Stop "Registering" your children for "Public" school. They're YOUR CHILDREN!


  • Remove from any seats of trust, ANY official who is in direct violation of their Oath of Office.
  • Remove yourself from ANY "Registration"
  • Remove by Affidavit, your signature from EVERY SINGLE contract you have signed. It's NOT A LAWFUL CONTRACT!
  • And I believe this bears repeating as well;
  • Remove your children from "Public" School; It's NOT A SCHOOL!


So before "They" actually get to the point where "they" are sending someone to our door to tell us we cannot gather rain water from the sky, let's ACT!

There is only one way now. We have seen the enemy and it is US.

People, just like you and me. People we have trusted to do right by us for FAR TOO LONG! Is it we who will do nothing, when we know what is wrong and are fully aware of the solution to fix it? Do we truly NOT KNOW that we have the power and "they" DO NOT?!

"Freedom isn't Free! We must act or we will regret the day we did not!"

- Morton IX

"I will not Comply"  Michael Badnarik.

In his Own Words!

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