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How to Fund the Government Without Taxing the People

In addition to all this land, the federal government owns 411,415 buildings with a total of almost 3 billion sq. ft. of building area all acquired at a cost of about $327 billion. The federal government also has 59,036 leases on 45,261 buildings with an annual rental cost to the taxpayers of just over $6 billion.

In 2018 the cost of operations for the federal government was $4,4 trillion dollars. Approximately $3.4 trillion dollars was generated from the collection of income taxes on individuals and corporations.

If Congress sold some of the property, the revenue generated could easily fund government without the necessity of taxing the people.

 Selling Government Assets

Instead of bailing out the bankers, it is time to bail out the tax payers. Eliminating Income Taxes on individuals and corporate would emancipate millions of debt slaves and restore liberty to a land that once was free.

With the money the corporations had been paying in taxes could be used to hire more employees or increase the salaries of their employees. Without the burden of taxes, corporations could lower the cost of their goods and services.

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Except that the government for the people, by the people is now the government of the corporations by the corporations.

By remaining silent we give our consent to be slaves on their plantation.

vacant buildings don't sell well, so we don't need to pursue this idea at all.

great idea but that is from a dream world because it is NOT ever going to happen!  crooked government will only grab more!


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