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Over ten thousand veterans of World War I had been promised bonuses for fighting in World War I marched on Washington to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Instead of getting the money they were owed, General Douglas MacArthur and his subordinates Dwight Eisnehower and George Patton open fire on the veterans.

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I remember reading about this when I was in school. I remember that characteristic posture of MacArthur standing there observing the clash of Veterans and Military. I noted also his characteristic defiance of President Harding when he was given a direct order of not crossing the bridge, he did anyway. This was prophetic to his defiance of President Truman. Also, to see Patton and Eisenhower in that mix, realizing what the future would hold for all three.

 What was most sobering is seeing how the American Military could possibly be used against Americans on our own soil as early as 1932. I thought about how Marshall Law could look in the 21 Century. This has left an eerie sense of apprehension and the question, could this happen to us?

I think everyone should know by now what to do to deal with the potential of Martial Law being imposed by Obama as it should be clear to all what his bottom line agenda is.  Obama does Not want to leave the White House any time soon.

Not unlike these days, in the 20's and 30's libshits played republicans like a fiddle ...libshits caused the great depression and republicans were blamed for it, why? because republican greed is an "honest" one.

By the way, if it wasn't for George Washington, even the continental congress would have gotten the red coat treatment ...he stepped in probably for the better, all that congress needed was a good scare, a libshit congress cannot be scared, because it always has a republican (and thus libshit) led army.


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