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Blaming illegal aliens for accepting the benefits offered to them by Congress is like blaming a child for accepting FREE candy.

Congress is to blame for providing the candy and we are to  blame for allowing Congress to finance the insanity. The voters who keep electing crooked politicians and lawyers ar getting what they deserve.

If you want to solve the problem stop allowing Congress to give to some while stealing from others. The Constitution states in the Preamble "Provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare" . It said nothing about providing benefits to specific groups.

Before our Constitution was written men and women had the God given right to live anywhere they wanted. Our government passed immigration laws which trumped the natural rights of men and women to live where they wanted. Are the laws passed by legislatures superior to the laws of God?

If we provided the immigrants with an opportunity and stopped providing them with a financial incentive to come to the United States, the problems would disappear.

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Exactly, Keith. I don't find any of your statement to be incorrect. If we withdraw our consent, then they are acting out against their oath, once they violate their oath, the chains they were bound down with are broken and they no longer can serve the people who put them in office, I'm all for more oaths for ALL public employees, right down to the County building inspectors and the County animal control officers. This is called effective binding upon these public employees to obey their oaths, or be unemployed. I'm sure this would be a more effective way of regulating their job functions then granting these employees free will to perform their job functions in any way they alone wish to.

I believe you meant "Governments derive their JUST powers from the consent of the governed" and there is a counter point in that statement, the key words being JUST powers.

When the powers are no longer JUST, then it is the right and even our duty to throw off the chains of injustice that bind us down to a government that we have JUST cause to no longer contract with, because that's what that's what the Constitution is, a CONTRACT with We the People to contract with the Government we created amongst our selves. A mutual agreement binding on us, the people, and the Government we created. Am I incorrect? At least that's how I was taught the Constitution.

Finally, someone sees the forest for the trees!  I gave up pointing this fact out.  Racism, hate, and ignorance play right into the hands of the real perpetrators and distract us from the real criminals with their hands in the cookie jar.  And they have stolen a lot of cookies and still continue to do so!

And, yes, I do blame the immigrants. If you saw a candy store that was open, yet had no one inside, would you go in and fill your pockets with free candy? I wouldn't...because it doesn't belong to me, I didn't pay for it, and there are laws against taking what isn't mine. 

And that is the difference between illegal immigrants and everyone else. They are here to steal what isn't theirs, things they didn't pay for, and there are laws against. But the door was open.....

Your analogy is not accurate. The immigrants are not taking the benefits, Congress is stealing our money and then giving it away. The real criminals are not the people you call illegal aliens, they are the lawyers and corrupt politicians serving in Congress.

The bankers want to divide the people into competing factions so that they can steal our wealth while we are fighting with one another. If God granted all men with equal rights, who are we to tell a man where he can and can not live. Do laws written by the crooked politicians trump the natural right of a man to live where he wants?

Both are immoral, not unlike the "activists" that pilfered Ferguson store fronts and the Ferguson city council allowing it ...immorals take advantage of each other (especially moral people) so at the same time can barely stand each other.


Keith, I couldn't agree with you more.  And what's really sad about this conversation is that we are beating a dead horse.  Amazing when the conversation is fact based and offers solutions, no one, and I mean no one, wants to participate in the ACTION necessary to facilitate real change.  However, when the opportunity for hatred and racism arises, you can't shut people up and the participation is overwhelming.  

If only we had this kind of action for the things that mattered.  I am very sad today.  In this holiest time of the year, as a Christian, I am deeply and profoundly hurt.  I can only imagine how our Creator feels in His dashed hopes in creating Mankind as a loving, caring, giving, compassionate being in HIS image.  May God help you haters for the real day of Judgement.  I suspect your names will be missing from the Book of Life.

Lady, I don't what part of the Bible you read, but it wasn't between Genesis and Revelations.

Do laws written by the crooked politicians trump the natural right of a man to live where he wants?

 Short answer is "yes". If you have to ask this question, then you don't understand the concept of borders, and why they were established. And who said that living where you want is a natural right? If so, I want to live in your house.

Travel is a God given right, so obviously only within and between free countries, and since a country is like a home there's no admission without permission.

If libshits are to continue to rule, mexicans will claim the USA for their own, not unlike the philistines for palestine do ... import & export of manual work is the stamp of libshits at "work", the "philistines" are now claiming europe, and similarly mexico will assist islime claim America too, like any "good" orthodox catholic would!

We have the most lenient immigration laws on the planet. #1 ARREST ALL of the synagogue of satan snakes and ALL the two fold sons of hell corrupt pos puppet politicians they OWN world wide. ALL in USA Inc. fer TREASON ! ! !


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