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Keith Broaders
1230 N Street #510
Sacramento, California 95814
Phone (916) 399-4881

Every Patriot should have their own website to share their thoughts and opinions. In order to restore the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility we need to nullify to influence of he media . If you have your own website you can help educate and influence your fiends, neighbors and countrymen,

Are you concerned about the issues like the Immigration, Federal Reserve, the IRS, Agenda 21. Common Core, Global Warming, Smart Meters, Foreign Aid, the Petro-Dollar, Unconstitutional Wars of Aggression, Chemtrails, Planned Parenthood, Jury Nullification, Voter Fraud, the Second Amendment  Article V Convention, the Common Law Grand Jury, Autism, or practically anything you would like to share with an audience.

Would you like to have a website for your city, county or state where you could create a network amd communicate with the members of your communities/.

If you have a product to sell or a service to offer we can also host a custom website that will make it possible to monetize your website. We will provide you with a FREE website hosted by the Constitution Club.The cost to host your website on our server is only $10 per month.

If you would like more information call Keith Broaders at 951-260-7711

A Patriot without a website is like a soldier with a gun and no bullets. Sample Websites

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Except for me NJ doesn't have any patriots . The entire poulation is made up of innocents ; criminals , communists , leaches , drug addicts , illegals , perverts , government tyrants , pigs and Catholics and t666heir paid assassin doctors .

A place to trust people who are like minded; Christian, Patriotic, Constitutional, and true Americans safe to speak freely and not be fearful of the wrong people listening in.  We have to pull together and plan what to do to save this nation.  Without a website, the soldiers for freedom, have no place to NOT be heard when we do not want to be and free to share when we do!  Thank you Keith


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