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The controversy over the sideline activities of football players is growing.  Question:  What reforms would these players support.  How about these

  1.  Reform the justice system with an emphasis upon restitution rather than retribution.  Justice Fellowship started by ChucK Colson has been advocating for this for years.  I would like to see the NFL players and Lebron James put their money where their mouth is.  They could double JF's yearly budget by donating 1% of their monthly salary.
2. Reform the traffic stop.  It has become far too often a means to simply profile African Americans.  Traffic stops should be contingent upon a valid complaint by a motorist put at risk by such reckless driving.  Fines are regressive taxation upon the poor.
3. Reform the unlawful legal system that continues to pass more and more victimless crimes.  Crimes must have victims.  Positive law must be curtailed and eventually eradicated.
Let us just start with these for consideration.  Let's get off our knees and get to work on meaningful reforms.

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